Our World of Data and Where it's Stored [Infographic]

Earlier this week, I came across a fantastic infographic titled Where of Where is the World's Data Being Stored? Created by Mozy, one of the world's largest online backup services, the infographic illustrates data stored over the course of 20 years (1986 to 2007). Interesting to note how the year 2000 was about the time we started storing things digitally. Data accounted for in this infographic is stored on hard drives (52%), optical storage (28%), digital tapes (11%), and other formats (9%). This ever-growing myriad of storage options clearly shows our desire to archive everything and our obsession with data security.

It goes without saying that datacenters are huge! 295 Exabytes of data was stored worldwide during the 20 years studied. Cloud storage and big data have significantly impacted the growth of data storage. Organization, orchestration, and management of these devices is a constant battle and one that demands service assurance be top priority.

With that being said, enjoy the clever display of the world's data in this week's infographic.


Where is the World's Data Being Stored?

Image and Infographic Credit: Mozy



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