Zenny's Weekly Cloud Links #18 - Cisco Live, VMware, Virtualization, Gartner

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of July 11th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy!


It’s Hot in Las Vegas, But All About Cloud in the Cloud Partner Pavilion by Alexandra Krasne

"It’s 100+ degrees in Las Vegas without a cloud in the sky, so you might imagine that lounging in an air-conditioned casino would be ideal for most folks. But for the techies attending Cisco Live this week, the Cloud Partner Pavilionwas the coolest place to hang out."

Gartner Reveals 2011 Magic Quadrant for Virtualization by Klint Finley

"With Citrix escalating its fight against VMware, and VMware expanding its arsenal, it's worth taking a look at the current state of the virtualization market. Gartner has published its Magic Quadrant for x86 Server Virtualization Infrastructure report."

Buying the Cloud by John Considine

"Early this morning we were greeted with the announcement that Citrix is buying Cloud.com for more than $200M.  After the initial congratulations to Sheng and the team at Cloud.com, the twitter-sphere and blogosphere went wild with thoughts and deal analysis.  At the same time, everyone was waiting to hear what VMware was going to say in their “Cloud Infrastructure Launch” webcast."

The Cloud Computing Market Grows Up by James Staten

"Mark this date. While it isn’t an anniversary of anything significant in the past, it is a day where our beloved cloud computing market showed significant signs of maturing. Major announcements by VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft, all signaled significant progress in making cloud platforms IaaS and PaaS more enterprise ready and consumable by I&O professionals."

Few Business Leaders Understand Cloud Implications, Benefits by Rachel King

"Companies are scrambling towards the cloud because of the potential for lower costs and faster project deployments. But business leaders need to evaluate the financial pros and cons before jumping in, according to a new study by Forrester."

Big Business in Big Push for Cloud Computing Standards by Patrick Thibodeau

"The rise of cloud computing has led to a strong push from the IT leaders at many major companies for cloud standards around such things as security and data portability. But the early push for standards is beginning to resemble a NASCAR race -- everyone is driving on the same track, but are sitting in different cars."

12 Things Every Business Needs to Know about IT by Mark P. McDonald

“'If only the business understood IT, then the company would get move value out of IT.'  This statement is a common belief among IT professionals.  Understanding begins with the basics, framed in a language that is acceptable to the audience rather than the teacher."

Clearing Up 'The Cloud' by Brad Reinboldt

"From offering IT greater flexibility to the appeal of lower infrastructure costs, cloud computing is the center of the technology conversation. Of course, with increasing popularity comes a plethora of opinions as to what the cloud actually is. The wide range of definitions has caused confusion regarding how cloud computing works and how it will affect network management. It is time to straighten out the facts and have a clear, accurate definition of cloud computing on the network."

The EDW Is Dead! Is Data Virtualization the Crown Prince? by Robert Eve

"Philip Howard, noted IT researcher at Bloor Research, recently published an IT-Director article entitled The EDW is dead where he declares the well regarded monarch of data integration deceased.   In this article he identifies two major flaws in the traditional enterprise data warehouse approach that support his controversial stand."


And a few honorable mentions from the b-roll...

With cloud initiatives, Dell hopes to catch wave of change that's sweeping over computing world by Kirk Ladendorf

Cloud Computing Advantages & Disadvantages? [INFOGRAPHIC] by Cloudtweaks

Organic Cloud : Modeling After The Natural World by Nicholas Weaver

VMware: The Godzilla Of Enterprise Cloud by David Vellante

Public cloud computing (IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS) is set to grow 153% from 2010 to 2015



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