Zenny's Cloud Links #65 - Chaos Monkey, Open Source Cloud Architecture, DevOps

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on IT Operations, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Virtualization and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of July 30th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Why Cloud Computing Needs To - And Will - Go Open Source by Eric Savitz | Forbes

Agility, flexibility and customization. They’re the “big three” buzzwords companies cite to justify their investments in cloud computing. But while today’s leading cloud players have the best technological interests in mind, financial interests are prohibiting them from delivering an open environment for cloud computing.

Rackspace CEO: ‘We’re playing a different game’ than Amazon by Derrick Harris | Gigaom

The Rackspace Cloud is now based fully on the open source OpenStack platform. I recently spoke with CEO Lanham Napier, who discussed how his company doesn’t necessarily see Amazon Web Services as a direct competitor, and how OpenStack is changing his company’s entire business.

5 Cloud Performance Monitoring Tools by Abdul Salam | CloudTweaks

Cloud monitoring tools can aggregate data and provide visual patterns that may otherwise be hard to identify and be completely missed without such tools. Cloud monitoring is the best way for an organization to administer its cloud resources and keep its cloud environments operating at maximum efficiency...Here are five cloud monitoring tools without a specific order or classification.

Cloud driving DevOps transformation, importance by Jamie Yap | ZDNet

Cloud computing has placed additional emphasis on communication and cooperation between enterprise developers and IT operations in order for the DevOps model to work and for business needs to be met effectively, analysts say.

Why The Open Cloud Wins And Oracle Loses When IT Gets Virtualized by Alex Williams | TechCrunch

It’s a losing game that Oracle is playing. Corporate run data centers are going the way of internally managed corporate utilities at the turn of the century.  The industrial giants of the time realized they had no business being in the electricity business. Now companies are realizing the same thing about data centers.

Netflix Abuses Amazon With Monkeys. Now You Can Too by Caleb Garling | Wired Enterprise

To ensure that its massive video-streaming service can withstand the rigors of life on the public internet, Netflix spends an awful lot of time attacking the thing with a monkey. And now, you can sic the same monkey on your own internet services. On Monday, the company open sourced its “Chaos Monkey,” software that randomly turns off virtual machines running beneath its streaming service, a way of simulating the small outages the service will inevitably face day after day.

Citrix’s Hinkle Proposes Linux Model for an Open Source Cloud by Libby Clark | Linux.com

As the Senior Director of Cloud Computing Community at Citrix, Mark Hinkle oversees Citrix efforts around the open source Apache CloudStack IaaS platform and Xen hypervisor projects.

Deploying Open-Source Cloud Systems: 5 Pros and 5 Cons by Chris Preimesberger | eWeek

Open-source cloud frameworks have made a major splash in recent months with big players such as Rackspace/NASA, Hewlett-Packard, VMware and Citrix backing major open-source cloud initiatives like OpenStack and CloudStack. As these major vendors continue to build out their public cloud infrastructure to battle with the incumbent services leader, Amazon Web Services, there are some underlying questions about whether the same technologies are ready for the enterprise.

The Collaborative Cloud by Abdul Salam | CloudTweaks

An organization is essentially a collection people of who work together towards a common goal, which means that collaboration is the essence of an organization. With the changing tides in business and end-user practices, it is becoming apparent that the influence of cloud computing is expanding, and that it is definitely here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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