Beyond Elemental Monitoring - Modeling Your Red Hat Infrastructure [Webinar]

Last week, we announced that August is officially Red Hat Month here at Zenoss. Saying that Red Hat has had a stellar year is an understatement; they've set a new standard and precedent  for commercial open source businesses in a world of legacy giants. Needless to say that as Red Hat continues to build momentum as being the world most trusted provider of Linux, Zenoss is proud to participate within the Red hat ecosystem as a commercial open source company.

The Cloud era is causing an industry wide paradigm shift to take place. The key to navigating these changes occurring within virtualization across x86, applications, network, compute and storage is to Transform your IT Operations from reactive to proactive, static to dynamic and elemental to service-based monitoring!

Kicking off Red Hat Month here at Zenoss, we invite you to sign up for the first webinar.

Webinar: Beyond Elemental Monitoring - Red Hat Infrastructure

For over 2 decades, IT Operations has been constrained by a monitoring paradigm rooted in the notion of elemental monitoring. Elemental monitoring consists of instrumenting nearly every aspect of a piece of IT infrastructure including CPU, Memory, Disk, and more looking for abnormalities ranging from simple min/max to behavioral analysis. However, within today’s complex world of virtualization, converged infrastructure, Cloud, and the birth of the programmable datacenter, Elemental Monitoring must yield to service-based monitoring. While service-based monitoring takes into account each individual element, it looks beyond these elements and understands the infrastructure in the context of the elements themselves. Zenoss is Transforming IT Operations by providing an open and scalable commercial open source monitoring solution that is built for this service-based paradigm via a unique model based on an event driven approach to monitoring your Red Hat infrastructure.

In this 30-minute session you will learn:

  • The benefits of modeling your Red Hat Infrastructure
  • Agentless Monitoring of Red Hat Infrastructure
  • Service-based monitoring and Service-Impact RCA

When: Thursday, August 16th at 1pm CDT

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