Zenny's Cloud Links #54 - Linux CloudOpen, Gartner Trends, Google Drive

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on IT Operations, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Virtualization and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of April 22nd that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Linux Foundation Backs 'Open Cloud' With CloudOpen by Mike Barton

As the heavyweights of the IT industry swarm on the OpenStack cloud OS and the OpenFlow networking protocol, there’s a renewed push to avoid vendor lock-in and to also keep the cloud innovative, and the giants of open source software are stepping up their efforts.

Zynga infrastructure CTO: Making hardware cool again by Brandon Butler

Allan Leinwand is an infrastructure guy. He's CTO for infrastructure at Zynga, which during the past few years has built the zCloud, which powers some of the most popular social games today, such as "FarmVille" and "Words with Friends." It works by combining the capacity of Amazon Web Service's public cloud with the company's custom-built private cloud.

Cloud Computing is Evolving - How to Follow the Trends and Make Better Cloud Adoption Decisions by Ivan Widjaya

The world of cloud computing is evolving rapidly. Businesses want to adopt the cloud should spend more time learning the basics before they plunge themselves into the cloud, for some obvious reasons. One of the major reasons: The cloud is not “the ultimate” solution for business.

IBM’s Buying Vivisimo for Its Big Data Push by Maureen O'Gara

In the name of its Hadoop-based Big Data platform, IBM is buying Carnegie Mellon spin-off and enterprise search house Vivisimo on undisclosed terms.

Forrester: Hire software developers who take part in open source projects by Anh Nguyen

Analyst firm Forrester has encouraged businesses to recruit software developers who take part in open source projects, as it shows they are keeping their skills current.

Gartner Report: Five Trends in Cloud Computing that will Impact Your Technology Strategy by Gartner & CloudTimes

Although the potential of cloud computing is impressive, the scope and depth of impact and the level of acceptance over time are uncertain and require frequent revisions of the strategy being taken by the company in each case.

The day my mind became open sourced  by Phil Shapiro

I can remember so clearly the exact day my mind became open sourced. It was a crisp and sunny November day in 1973. After class in middle school, I called up my best friend, Bruce Jordan, and asked, "Can I come over to play now?" Bruce replied, "Sure." I jumped on my red, one-speed Schwinn bicycle and biked like mad the two miles over to Bruce's house. I arrived happily breathless.

Is That Cloud Really Clean? by Ron Schenone

The cloud — the ultimate solution to computer storage capacity — is becoming more and more a factor of life, but is there a day coming when it, too, will not hold enough data to satisfy the ever-growing needs of our technological society? That could be the case if one looks at the past decade or so…

CIOs get no respect in Gartner CEO survey. So what? Follow the money by Linda Tucci

For those who haven’t seen the recent Gartner CEO survey, CIOs come across in it as the Rodney Dangerfields of the C-suite. Not a person ever likely to occupy a CEO position, in the eyes of the CEO. Not the person CEOs see as leading their company’s “innovation management program.” Fewer than one in 200 CIOs are considered top executive material by their CEO.

OpenStack Optimism Overrides Confusion by Alexander Haislip

OpenStack isn’t easy to understand. It’s a combination of five major projects, each handling a different piece of cloud computing. HP and IBM say it’s the future, and Rackspace says it’s putting $4 million to $5 million to work on the project each year. VMWare CEO Paul Maritz says it’s immature. Even the attendees at the OpenStack conference in San Francisco last week seem confused.

Oracle And OpenStack: A Tale Of Two Completely Opposite Strategies by James Staten

If you wanted to see the full spectrum of cloud choices that are coming to market today you only have to look at these two efforts…OpenStack is clearly an effort by a vendor (Rackspace) to launch a community to help advance technology and drive innovation around a framework that multiple vendors can use to bring myriad cloud services to market and deliver differentiated values. Whereas Oracle…is taking a completely closed and self-built approach that looks to fulfill all cloud values from top to bottom.

CIOs' Cloud Strategy Must Include Public Cloud Services by Bernard Golden

For all the apprehension they may bring, public clouds demand a position in the enterprise IT strategy. CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden explains how CIOs and business leaders can make their peace with the public cloud, and how it's not incompatible with the much-revered private cloud.

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