Why the Standard Response from Operations is NO!

If you are wondering why your operations team is slow or why your IT team isn't agile, this post is for you. Jesse Robbins, founder of OpsCode, recently gave a talk titled, Infecting your Boss & your Business with Awesome, at DevOps Days Boston.

Jesse explains the challenge by introducing the "misalignment of incentives" when it traditionally comes to development and operations. Operations is penalized when things go down while development is rewarded for meeting shipment dates. Operations is held accountable for the SLAs and the cost of outages while cleaning up bugs introduced by new code.

Since operations is rewarded for stability this results in:

  • More process reviews
  • More change control reviews
  • More deployment freezes
  • More standards, control boards

This, in essence, is at the core of the problem when it asking your IT organization to respond faster to change. For years, they have built systems and processes designed to mitigate the risk of change resulting in an organization that is designed to move slowly.

Jesse continues on to talk about the goal of DevOps and creating an operations culture that is not only aligned with your business goals but a competitive advantage. Definitely worth a watch if you would like to learn more about aligning your development and operations teams and helping IT move faster. Thanks to Devopsdays.org for sharing the video!





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