Top 10 Peer Tips On Selecting Open Source Platforms

zenoss state of open source reportBy: John Boyle >> In The 2016 State of Open Source Survey, Zenoss collected responses from a wide range of IT professionals. Leveraging Zenoss’ 10-year history within the Open Source software community, this research survey set out to understand how prevalently open source software platforms where being utilized in today’s modern enterprise environments, how the changing tide of hybrid IT system deployments was effecting their adoption and use, as well as the types of workloads and applications where open source software was being most heavily leveraged.



From this survey, there were 10 peer tips given by your peers for selecting Open Source Platforms:

1. Hire Smart

Having the right people makes all the difference.

2. Plan Ahead

Know what problem you're solving, and exactly what you need the software to do.

3. Try it

The benefits make open source software well worth evaluating.

4. Get Support

Look for platforms that offer enterprise support as an option.

5. Leverage the Community

Look for platforms with robust and active communities.

6. Always Test First

Give the platform a good soak test in development before deploying.

7. Customize It

Take advantage of the open platform to tailor the tools to your specific needs.

8. Be Strategic

Use OSS platforms only where the use case makes sense for you business.

9. Think About Security

Understand where the code is coming from, and check security protocols.

10. Be Patient

Long-term cost savings and benefits are worth the investment in time.

The 2016 State of Open Source Survey Report is an easy read that’s packed full of insightful data showing the latest open source trends. Access your complimentary copy of this comprehensive report today!

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