5 Key Takeaways from the 2016 State of Open Source Survey

zenoss state of open source reportBy: John Boyle >> In The 2016 State of Open Source Survey, Zenoss collected responses from a wide range of IT professionals. Leveraging Zenoss’ 10-year history within the Open Source software community, this research survey set out to understand how prevalently open source software platforms where being utilized in today’s modern enterprise environments, how the changing tide of hybrid IT system deployments was effecting their adoption and use, as well as the types of workloads and applications where open source software was being most heavily leveraged.



From this survey, there were five key takeaways:

1. Open source software is pervasive.

79% of survey respondents rely on open source software for specific use cases, which is indicative of companies taking a tactical approach to open source software.

2. IT organizations are satisfied with their implementations of open source software.

Mid-market sized companies (typically not as resource-constrained as SMBs, but with the desire and ability to leverage support and customize their tools) reported the highest satisfaction ratings.

3. IT organizations value commercial open source monitoring platforms.

Perceived limitations of open source software are adequately addressed through the platform’s community, commercial versions and support packages. Commercial-ready open source platforms solve IT challenges and offer varying competitive advantages relative to the company’s size.

4. OSS has been widely embraced as part of a modern IT monitoring strategy.

While 69% of survey respondents reported managing multiple data centers, a staggering 83% of survey respondents indicated that open source software is part of their IT operations monitoring strategy.

5. Organizations prefer to deploy public, private and hybrid cloud solutions gradually.

The top reasons IT organizations deploy in the cloud are to improve agility, efficiency, availability, and cost savings. Of those that have a cloud deployment strategy, 86% plan to build out and deploy in phases.

The 2016 State of Open Source Survey Report is an easy read that’s packed full of insightful data showing the latest open source trends. Access your complimentary copy of this comprehensive report today!







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