The World Needs Problem Solvers, Not Problem Identifiers

Zenoss Site Availability Monitoring

Last week we announced the release of new capabilities to proactively identify and address website and web application issues that may impact user experience or the functionality of the applications. The capability, called site availability monitoring (SAM), is immediately available to all customers.

Service-centric monitoring has been a core Zenoss value proposition for many years. It’s what we do better than any other vendor. Adding capabilities like SAM just extends that IT service monitoring to websites and web applications. There is no shortage of monitoring tools available in the market today, but very few are able to truly monitor IT services in real time. This means having the ability to monitor on-prem infrastructure as well as cloud services, and legacy technologies as well as modern technologies. It means being able to map out what systems are physically and logically connected to others and how they’re dependent upon each other.

So while monitoring websites and web applications is critical for ensuring the health and performance of those applications, it’s the bigger picture that offers the real value. It’s being able to monitor those applications in the context of the broader infrastructure supporting them.

That said, let’s examine what SAM enables customers to do:

  • Monitor websites and web applications with no software installation required.
  • Gain availability and performance insights into websites and web applications.
  • Specify frequency of monitoring for your production and nonproduction requirements.
  • View the performance of a single or multisite web application, including performance and availability, on intelligent dashboards.
  • Trigger alerts and take actions using other Zenoss Cloud features, including intelligent dashboards, Smart View, actions framework, inventory and events.
  • Share dashboards and performance reports with other users.
  • Monitor websites and web applications in the same view as the broader infrastructure.

So while this set of capabilities delivers great value in a very streamlined manner, it’s that last bullet that is the punchline. It’s being able to see not only whether a particular application is responsive, but being able to pinpoint the exact issue(s) when it’s not performing as it should. That’s the value customers need when they’re managing modern, complex IT environments.

When I was in college, I had a professor who used to say, “The world is full of problem identifiers — what it needs is problem solvers.” The same holds true for IT monitoring tools. IT operations teams are far too busy to pay for monitoring tools that say: “Hey, there’s a problem. You should go figure out what it is.” Make sure when you’re considering monitoring capabilities — is this thing a problem identifier or a problem solver?

Zenoss Cloud is the leading AI-driven full-stack monitoring platform that collects all machine data, uniquely enabling the emergence of context for preventing service disruptions in complex, modern IT environments. Zenoss Cloud leverages the most powerful machine learning and real-time analytics of streaming data to deliver AIOps, giving companies the ability to scale and adapt to the changing needs of their businesses.

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