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Zenoss Launches Site Availability Monitoring

Streamlined Monitoring Service Targets Web Application Health and Performance

AUSTIN, Texas - December 14, 2023 - Zenoss Inc., the leader in AI-driven full-stack monitoring, today announced the release of new capabilities to proactively identify and address website and web application issues that may impact user experience or the functionality of the application. The capability, labeled site availability monitoring (SAM), is immediately available to all customers.

Web application monitoring is a critical practice aimed at ensuring the optimal performance, reliability and security of web-based applications. SAM enables swift detection of performance bottlenecks and application failures. By notifying business and application owners and administrators of problems before they impact an organization, SAM enables rapid troubleshooting and reduced downtime.

With SAM, customers can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Monitor websites and web applications with no software installation required.
  • Monitor websites and web applications in the same view as the broader infrastructure.
  • Gain availability and performance insights into websites and web applications.
  • Specify frequency of monitoring for your production and nonproduction requirements.
  • View the performance of a single or multisite web application, including performance and availability, on intelligent dashboards.
  • Trigger alerts and take actions using other Zenoss Cloud features, including intelligent dashboards, Smart View, actions framework, inventory and events.
  • Share dashboards and performance reports with other users.

"Site availability monitoring is a streamlined feature that addresses key customer use cases without requiring any software to be installed," said Trent Fitz, chief product officer for Zenoss. "We always strive to eliminate barriers for customers, and this is another example of delivering value with virtually zero effort on their part."

Zenoss Cloud is the leading AI-driven full-stack monitoring platform that collects all machine data, uniquely enabling the emergence of context for preventing service disruptions in complex, modern IT environments. Zenoss Cloud leverages the most powerful machine learning and real-time analytics of streaming data to deliver AIOps, giving companies the ability to scale and adapt to the changing needs of their businesses.

About Zenoss
Zenoss works with the world's largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. Delivering full-stack monitoring combined with AIOps, Zenoss uniquely collects all types of machine data, including metrics, dependency data, events, streaming data and logs, to build real-time IT service models that train machine learning algorithms to deliver robust AIOps analytics capabilities. This enables IT Ops and DevOps teams to optimize application performance, predict and eliminate outages, and reduce IT spend in modern hybrid IT environments. Zenoss is recognized in the 2022 Gartner Market Guide for AIOps Platforms and in the 2023 Gartner Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools. For more information about Zenoss, please visit https://www.zenoss.com.

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