The State of the Open Source Cloud [Roundtable Discussion Invite]

Last week, we released the results of our State of the Open Source Cloud survey (complete with infographic) and needless to say, the interest level in these results was impressive. After looking over the results, it was clear we needed to dive further. What better way is there to discuss these results than with the current, top-of-mind leaders: OpenStack, Citrix and Eucalyptus.

Zenoss Investigates: The State of the Open Source Cloud  [1-hour Roundtable]

While there isn't a doubt that open source clouds are a future path a lot of people are considering, there's still an overwhelming minority of people who are actually using an open source cloud right now. As Network World pointed out, the numbers revealed that less than 1 in 5 people currently have an open source cloud; framing is everything. Put in a more delicate way, The Register wrote that "38.4% of respondents are [holding] back from using an open-source cloud because of a lack of maturity in existing offerings." However written, the results we found showed that maturity, lack of support and security top the list of reasons why people might be holding off on using an open source cloud right now.

Perhaps there's still a stigma in large enterprises about open source. Granted, our survey came from our own community, but the full report shows that only 39.7% of the respondents were from small companies; 16.3% work in companies with 5,000+ employees. Klint Finley proposed this question in his writeup on Wired:

"There are many open source platforms for building Amazon-like cloud services in your own data center, and they’ve all received an awful lot of attention in recent years. But are real companies actually ready to use them?"

What constitutes as being a "real company" is subjective, but I have a hunch that while full-scale deployments might not be the norm now, those 41.2% respondents wanting to deploy in 1-2 years are already tinkering with the current options. All interpretations aside, our survey showed OpenStack enjoying an early lead of adoption and mindshare but CloudStack and Eucalyptus are definitely in the hunt.

You're invited to join us for a new Zenoss webinar, "Zenoss Investigates: The State of the Open Source Cloud." This 1-hour round table discussion will have representatives from OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus talking about the state of the open source cloud and what it means to your business and the broader cloud computing market. We’ll be discussing:

  • Barriers to open cloud adoption
  • Reasons to consider an open cloud
  • Benefits and risks of an open cloud
  • And much much more…

The panel includes:

  • Rob Hirschfeld, OpenStack Board Member and Principal Cloud Architect at Dell
  • Mark Hinkle, Senior Director, Cloud Computing Community at Citrix
  • Greg DeKoenigsberg, Vice President Community at Eucalyptus
  • Floyd Strimling, Vice President Community, Technical Evangelist at Zenoss

Event Details
Wednesday, October 24th
Time: 2:00 pm EDT/ 11:00 am PDT/ 6:00 pm GMT
Duration: 1 hour
Registration link


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