Cloud Link Roundup #73 - Citrix Project Windsor, Converged Infrastructure, Cloudbees

Bunch of clouds that look like torn up cotton ballsEvery Friday, Zenoss highlights some of the best posts from the week. Here are some great articles they selected from the week of 10/1/2012 that are worth taking a look at.

Citrix cashes in and unites Xen, CloudStack investments in Project Windsor by Paula Rooney | ZDNet

Citrix this week unveiled XenServer 6.1 upgrade that is tightly integrated with (its formerly owned) CloudStack open source cloud platform as it sets it sights on a new architecture known as "Windsor" that will merge XenServer and CloudForms into one IaaS.

State of the Open Source Cloud 2012 [Infographic + Report] by Travis Balinas | Zenoss Bog

There is no doubt that open source clouds are on the minds of both open source communities/projects and commercial entities. With 3/4 of 2012 behind us, we thought it was time to get some feedback on The State of the Open Source Cloud.

Top Five Virtualization Performance Myths by Unitiv Blog | Virtualization Journal

Making the most of your virtualized environment means monitoring performance and making changes to optimize performance. The fact is that there are a number of things that can hamper performance in a virtualized environment, and if you’re not looking at all of them you can find yourself with an unexpected performance bottleneck.

Join us for a round-table discussion with OpenStack, Citrix, and Eucalyptus regarding the state of the open source and what it means to your business and the broader cloud computing market > Zenoss Investigates: The State of the Open Source Cloud (10/24 at 1pm CST)

Private cloud is just a lot of talk: Dr Werner Vogels by Shivani Shinde | Business Standard

The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, with its subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS), has revolutionised the world of technology with cloud computing. And the man behind AWS is Dr Werner Vogels, vice-president and chief technology officer, Amazon. During a visit to India, he spoke to Shivani Shinde on cloud-computing adoption here, and how AWS has grown in this space. Edited Excerpts.

Four Reasons Converged Infrastructure Makes Sense in the Data Center by Advanced Systems Group Blog

While it’s still relatively early in the data center convergence movement, there’s already a strong argument that it makes complete sense on many levels. Consolidation has been the trend for a while in data centers, mainly on the server side of things with virtualization. Virtual servers eliminated a huge data center silo, but storage and networking remained.

Cloud's Full Impact is Still About Three Years Away, Survey Predicts by Joe McKendrick | Forbes

Cloud computing is poised to reshape and disrupt the way organizations use information technology, right? Ultimately, yes — but a new industry survey says it may be a few years before the disruptive effect of cloud is fully felt across the business landscape.

Are You Ready To Move Disaster Recovery to the Cloud by Florence de Borja | CloudTimes

Elasticity, scalability, rapid provisioning, and cost effective resource use are just some of the benefits of cloud computing. However, for disaster recovery, the most important benefit is that it is cost-effective. A business organization need not implement its own comprehensive disaster recovery plan. A cloud service provider can offer multisite availability and fast recovery times at less than the cost of the traditional disaster recovery.

Cloud Conversions: Software Vendors Transforming into Service Providers by Doug Barney | Redmondmag

The cloud is putting pressure on traditional software companies to redefine their focus to a service-oriented business model. The savviest software vendors are always the first to invent new categories, solve the biggest and most complex problems and, now, transition their wares to the cloud.

Why Scalable Throughput Becoming a Requirement for New-Generation Data Centers by Chris Preimesberger | eWeek

The deluge of new data moving through neworks is being driven by a perfect storm of trends that includes server virtualization, new machine-generated data, cloud computing, big data workloads and the convergence of storage and data networks. IT managers know they need to think ahead on this or else face major traffic issues in the future.

An Epic TripAdvisor Update: Why Not Run on the Cloud? by Shawn Hsiao, Luke Massa, Victor Luu | High Scalability Blog

It's been a little over a year since our last post about the TripAdvisor architecture. It has been an exciting year. Our business and team continues to grow, we are now an independent public company, and we have continued to keep/scale our development process and culture as we have grown - we still run dozens of independent teams, and each team continues to work across the entire stack. All that has changed are the numbers:

The cloud isn’t as safe as you think; is end-to-end encryption the answer? by Jolie O'Dell | VentureBeat

Not a week goes by that we don’t hear some news of a massive data leak, password exploit, or other security issue with a big-name company doing big business in the cloud. So how do you keep your own data and documents out of those headlines?

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