The Journey To Transforming IT Operations with SunGard and Forrester

It’s been a wonderful start to 2012 as I have had the honor and pleasure to make the case for redefining IT Operations within four distinct blog posts and accompanying webinars. The response to this series has been overwhelming and what takes my breath away is the shear number of questions that continue to pour into Zenoss

It all started with the Zenoss IT Manifesto that declares “IT Operations will no longer take a back seat to other disciplines within Cloud computing and will rise to accept the challenges of managing this new complex world.”

Next came Eliminating Event Storms that defined four areas that need to be addressed: instrumentation, a dynamic model, moving from elemental monitoring to a service construct, and automation.  The key is to move away from yesterday’s event console with its static rules to today’s IT Operations Platform with dynamic policies that were designed for today’s Cloud Era.

Wow, was that topic hard to follow. However, we continued the conversation by calling for the End of Siloed Monitoring, poking fun at the mythical single pane of glass, integrated solutions, and shedding light on the fact that the reality that “these projects were often expensive to implement and require a never-ending stream of professional services.”

Our last discussion centered on the Need for a Single Unified IT Operations Platform that is open, heterogeneous, and scalable.  This approach includes a rationalization of your current IT Operations tools under a single IT Operations Platform.  Integrations such as ServiceNow, Remedy, Splunk, and more were discussed.

The coup de grace of this series will take place on March 21st, as both SunGard and Forrester will join me for a live webinar.  Nick Magliato, COO SunGard Availability Services, will join me to discuss how he has deployed Zenoss to help SunGard streamline operations and achieve rapid improvements in problem isolation and more responsive to customer needs.  Additionally, J.P. Garbani, VP Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure and Operations, will join us to discuss his research and opinions within the need to Transform IT Operations.

In the end, I hope you have found this series to be informational and transformational within your own IT Operations organization.  From my travels, companies of all sizes are struggling to keep up with the volume of change within IT.  Meanwhile, new and disruptive technologies are being launched from network-based hypervisors to Cloud orchestration.  Let’s not make the same mistakes of yesteryear by relegating monitoring and instrumentation to a second-class citizen.  Instead, let us Transform IT Operations into the proactive backbone of your respective organizations and let the heroes in you shine through!

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