Situation Analysis – Amazon is the Second Largest Server Vendor?

Last August I looked at where Amazon AWS stands as a supplier of data center servers, suggesting they might be the largest server provider by the end of 2016. At the time was they looked like the fourth largest provider. Well, IDC’s server market share numbers and AWS financials are both updated - and the conclusion still stands.

Today, Amazon is the second largest server vendor. Bigger than Dell, IBM, Lenovo, and Cisco. Still behind HPE. And still growing over 60% year on year.

Just like August, I’m comparing different quarters. The AWS numbers are from the end of Q1, the others from the end of Q4. Of course, of the rest only Cisco shows growth over 20%. All the others are changing only small amounts. Well, IBM mainframes jumped nearly 9%.  No competition from AWS for S/370!

Amazon the Second Largest Server Vendor

I fully expect that AWS will be the largest provider of data center server resources by the end of 2016. Which means you’re going to need to think about what it means to be cloud-native!

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