GalaxZ 16 Keynote: The Enterprise Shift

Chris Pope, strategy leader from ServiceNow kicked off GalaxZ 16 with a broad look at the changing organizational landscape.


Cloud is the Third Platform, after mainframes and PCs, and the change to organizations and IT will be just as significant as the impact of those technologies.

According to Pope, the third platform will change practically every aspect of how organizations function:

  • How we engage with customers
  • The speed at which deliver products and services - if you can’t provision a service in under an hour people start asking questions
  • How we innovate to provide new services
  • The expected reliability of our operations
  • And our overall resilience requirement, especially in regulated environments

It’s going to completely change the face of the IT industry, too. By 2020, Pope expects

  • 100+ industry-specific clouds to emerge
  • New product introductions to improve by 70% and planning cycles to be cut by 50%
  • Huge new connections to devices that are not currently connected to the Internet
  • Half the revenue from wearable technology comes from business customers, even influencing health plans

You may think of ServiceNow as a subscription ticketing system, but Pope communicated a broad strategic vision. ServiceNow wants to change the way you work. “Service is work, and work is service” said Pope. “IT has been ahead of the game with ITIL - there’s no ITIL for marketing and HR. We still do marketing with a ukulele and a hoverboard!”

“Look at your inbox. There are changes, projects, jobs, problems, requests, tasks, orders, alerts, and actions. It’s service requests seeking people, continued Pope. “It’s all work that you’re firing off and the second it goes off you can’t measure, track, etc. We’re helping people move from visibility, to availability, to agility. “

Is the Zenoss partnership important to ServiceNow? “Obviously. We’re here with a keynote,” said Pope. It’s critical to monitor everything, “anything with an IP address. Everything is connected. We have an expectation for all these things to be monitored. Even in the cloud you are still accountable. We need to know what normal means. People, process, and technology - IT is leading the charge.”

“And 45% of Zenoss customers are using ServiceNow with incident and CMDB integration. It’s the better together story.” continued Pope. “We’re part of the first line of support for Zenoss,  warm-transferring support calls.”


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