How ServiceNow and Zenoss Team Up to Support Federal Agencies

nowforum-01-1By: Adelle Rydman >> When it comes to federal agencies, improving IT operational efficiency is easier said than done. Sure it’s a goal, but when you combine highly secure environments that have grown exponentially, with a shift to new technologies and a move from legacy infrastructure to the cloud (not to mention the ever present requirement to do more with less), there are significant challenges that make it difficult for IT Ops teams to keep pace.

Fortunately the Zenoss unified monitoring platform, working in conjunction with ServiceNow’s CMDB and ITSM tools, is perfectly designed to address these challenges and support organizations embracing the modern datacenter. Together these solutions provide greater visibility and deliver quantifiable gains for any federal organization.

Today at ServiceNow “Federal NOW Day” in Washington DC, we’re showcasing the powerful combination of Zenoss Service Dynamics agentless platform and ServiceNow ITSM Suite and CMDB tool, working together via a certified API based integration.

Curious how it all works? Let’s break it down.

Zenoss Service Dynamics keeps devices and incident alerts in sync 24/7 with the CMDB and ITSM tool. This assures devices, events, notifications and triggers, reports as well as ServiceNow tickets remain up to date. When devices and IT Services experience availability and performance issues, API calls between the tools allow for actionable information to be automatically injected into the ServiceNow tickets, eliminating the need for manual updates. And by shifting the focus from elemental monitoring to IT service monitoring with Zenoss, both teams immediately become more proactive in avoiding outages and slowdowns that impact an agencies mission critical IT services.

Everyone from IT management to CMDB Administrators to Service Desk Staff and ITIL Leadership benefits from these tools being used in combination. In fact, hundreds of Zenoss and ServiceNow customers are already streamlining their IT processes and enjoying the results of this “better together” reality, including:

  • Up to 90% reduction in the time and effort required to manually maintain device configuration and relationship data, allowing customers to realign costly resources higher value tasks.
  • Improved real-time visibility into when a deployed configuration deviates from the architected design ensuring IT Ops is always in sync and no longer the last to know.
  • Improved alignment and transparency between IT Ops and ITSM teams due to better resource coordination and communication between the teams as well as accurate, real time, actionable data.
  • An 85% reduction in MTTR due to Zenoss’ ability to provide precise root cause analysis and auto populate tickets with relevant event details and recommended remediation steps.
  • Reduced tickets opened during an event storm as a result of Zenoss’ automatic event correlation and deduplication of events, ensuring ITSM teams always have the precise data they need to fix the problem.

Stop by to see us today in the expo area and let us show you how we can help your agency achieve similar results.

Click here for more information on Zenoss and ServiceNow and how it closes the loop on IT Ops and ITSM.



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