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IBM Power Systems are enterprise systems optimized for the compute-intensive performance demands of large-scale, mission-critical transaction, database, and analytics applications. Many enterprise IT Operations teams use servers from the highly scalable IBM Power series to help ensure they can meet IT service delivery requirements for their business-critical applications.

The new IBM Power ZenPack from Zenoss provides comprehensive monitoring coverage for IBM Power Systems.

Monitoring for IBM Power Systems

Zenoss has provided unified monitoring and event management for many years in some of today’s largest, most complex enterprise datacenters. The IT Operations teams in these organizations use Zenoss to unify and automate the monitoring of everything in their heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud IT infrastructure.

With the release of our new IBM Power ZenPack, this also now includes monitoring IBM Power Systems (P5/P6/P7) managed through IBM’s Hardware Management Console (HMC) and provisioning virtual and non-virtual IBM AIX operating system instances. Combining the IBM Power ZenPack with the recently updated IBM AIX ZenPack provides a more in-depth view of hardware and operating system performance.

The new IBM Power ZenPack provides the following support for IBM Power Systems:

  • Discovery: Discovers properties and continually maintains relationships between the HMC, managed systems, and other components, including profiles, I/O devices, I/O pools, logical partitions, HMC service processors, processor pools, host Ethernet adapters (HEAs), and port groups.
  • Performance Monitoring: Collects metrics for HEA port packets and process pool utilization, including metrics for process utilization and memory used by logical partitions and metrics for processor and memory utilization for managed systems.
  • Service Impact: Provides built-in, “Live Sync” service impact and root cause analysis capabilities for services running on IBM Power Systems. When LPARs move between managed systems, Zenoss detects these moves and automatically updates service impact models so you always know the location of LPARs are at any given time. For example, you can easily see the following impact relationships:
    1. How issues with managed systems, logical partitions, the HMC service processor, and processor pools impact a related HMC server.
    2. How memory, processors, I/O devices, host Ethernet adapters, and I/O pool failures impact related managed systems and the HMC server.
    3. How a managed system failure impacts related logical partitions and the HMC Server.
    4. How failure of a logical partition's memory, processors, I/O devices, host Ethernet adapters and I/O pool failures impact related logical partitions.
  • Reporting and Analytics: All data collected from IBM Power Systems is available for analysis and ad-hoc reporting creation is available for analysis and ad-hoc report creation using Zenoss Service Dynamics Service Impact and Analytics.

Next Steps

IBM Power Systems provide the resiliency, availability, security, and performance enterprise applications need, and are also designed to help IT Operations team deal with the day-to-day challenges such as dealing with fluctuating business demands, supporting dynamic private cloud environments, and shifting workloads from system to system based on application demands.

Continuous monitoring of your key applications and IT services running on not only your IBM Power Systems, but also on all of the other systems in your complex, hybrid IT infrastructure is imperative. Being able to see everything in your environment and know about crucial issues — before they impact application and service delivery — is key.

If you have IBM Power Systems in your datacenter, make sure you check out the new capabilities now available in the latest version of our IBM Power ZenPack.

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