Network World Case Study on Consolidating Monitoring Tools: How Guardian Life Slashed 70% of License Costs

In a recently published Network World article, "How to Consolidate Network Management Tools," the author wrote about how "enterprise IT shops are getting serious about winnowing the tools they use for network capacity planning, monitoring, event correlation, configuration management and more."

In the article, the key problem statement was offered by industry analyst firm EMA:

"The problem is that having a patchwork of multiple, siloed tools can be expensive and leads to ‘fragmented workloads, inefficient data collection and sharing, and difficulty in escalating problems.

'The sweet spot appears to be 4-5 tools, with 41% of respondents indicating that's how many separate tools they're using, a significant uptick from 25% in 2018.'"

Monitoring tool sprawl has long been a problem for IT Ops teams. There is broad agreement among industry analysts that an average enterprise organization will have 30-40 monitoring tools, sometimes more. This creates massive inefficiencies, unnecessary licensing costs, and greatly contributes to an inability to root cause issues in modern, complex environments.

The article also cited a case study from Zenoss customer Guardian Life, stating:

"When Avronil Chatterjee arrived at Guardian as technical manager for enterprise monitoring five years ago, he encountered multiple point solutions, decentralized monitoring by the network team, and a lack of correlation among the networking, server, security and application development teams.

"He began investing in agent-less systems that could help the company monitor and troubleshoot its network of more than 1,000 network devices and more than 4,000 servers in both on-premises and cloud environments.

"Chatterjee settled on the Zenoss platform. 'We were looking for one platform that could do it all,' Chatterjee says. He is using Zenoss for network monitoring, application performance management and event correlation.

"The move enabled him to slash his $1 million annual licensing expenditure for network management tools by 70% right off the bat. 'That was a pretty big win from a cost perspective,' Chatterjee says."

In another case study not mentioned in the article, Huntington Bank conveyed how, by choosing Zenoss, they were able to replace 37 monitoring tools, including all "Big 4" frameworks, and fund 65% growth in head count with cost savings.

To see how you can reduce license costs, improve efficiency and eliminate downtime, please contact us or visit www.zenoss.com.

To read the full Network World article, please click here.



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