Live From GalaxZ 16: IT Ops, DevOps and Now ChatOps?

One of the break out sessions during GalaxZ 16 was focused on the orchestration and provisioning a service with SaltStack, presented by Rob Booth of SaltStack. If you read my blog, “The Phoenix Project” – An outline to DevOps Success, you know how important it is to enable “left to right” work and tighten the feedback loop for continuous improvement.  I later stated “Integrating Zenoss with your workflows, incident management, and provisioning systems can tighten this loop to ensure fast response times. Integration of these tools helps enable a DevOps team that is tight and efficient…”


Rob’s presentation added a new twist. He not only showed how to provision a service in AWS and immediately begin monitoring that service, he did it using a slack instant message!  By doing so, it completely removes communication issues and delays that often follow when requesting a service or server to be provisioned. Of course, this opened up a few questions that do need to be answered such as cost control and governance. Talking to my colleagues after the fact, we immediately came to the same conclusion that some sort of slack ‘bot’ would be necessary to forward the slack request for approval. However, with or without that extra stage, this is definitely a great step forward to “tightening up the feedback loop.”

Nice work, Rob Booth!


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