Is Cloud Computing 25% of Your Annual IT Expenditure Growth? [Infographic]

Call it hype, call it a revolution, or simply label it however best fits you and your organization. Regardless of where you might be on your journey to the Cloud, two things are evident: it's here to stay and annual expenditure worldwide is on a continual upward trend.

Although for some, Cloud might seem like a distant reality or perhaps a new tool to try for your non-critical business applications, it's closer than you might think. Virtualization and Cloud Computing are rapidly becoming part of doing business and along with that comes a risk of getting left behind as IT evolves or worse, an inability to guarantee service assurance in an increasingly heterogeneous environment.

I recently came across an infographic that breaks down some of the broad basics surrounding Cloud adoption. By 2012, Cloud computing spending will account for 25% of annual IT expenditure growth. It also points out that using cloud has:

  • Simplified IT management process (70% agree)
  • Improved end-user experience (72% agree)
  • Decreased IT performance challenges (63% agree)
  • Reduce the cost of infrastructure (73% agree)
  • Alleviated internal resource pressures (74% agree)

Check out the infographic below for even greater detail on the projected annual IT expenditure growth.

Note: Conversion to USD in 2008 is roughly $25.1 billion and $576.8 billion; 2012 in roughly $66 billion and $708.8 billion.

Infographic made possible by Cloud Hypermarket



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