Delivering IT-as-a-Service Webcast: Cloud Monitoring

I recently had the chance to sit down with Bob Laliberte, from the Enterprise Strategy Group, David Winter, from Presidio Networked Solutions, and Floyd Strimling, Zenoss’ own Cloud Evangelist, to talk about the challenges and opportunities for delivering IT-as-a-Service.

Part three of this series covers operations and the instrumentation required to deliver IT-as-a-Service. From the standpoint of operations, there is an ever increasing need to have transparency throughout all levels of an infrastructure. However, the thought of adding another tool to manage all of these data-rich layers is not what the world needs. IT is approaching a rollback period; one tool to consolidate many. But that is just the beginning. Also discussed in this video:

  • How to create transparency and the data required from an operations standpoint
  • Defining operational support required in these new environments and the mindset required to handle something this dynamic and constantly changing
  • Making the proactive switch from waiting for event console errors to a non-reactive plan of service management
  • How to change to the business model of not just finding the leak, but diagnosing the problem and being able to show immediate impact on service
  • What steps can be taken now to have holistic visibility, the ability to be proactive, and the ability to solve problems even before customers are aware of them

Here’s a sneak peak of the discussion with Bob talking about cloud operations and if you are interested, you can view the full 20 minute webcast here.



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