How Orbitz Has Aligned IT Ops and ITSM With ServiceNow & Zenoss

In case you missed the webinar last Wednesday, "How Orbitz Uses ServiceNow & Zenoss to Align IT Ops and ITSM," here is a recap and a link to the recording.


Orbitz is a household name, with its portfolio of consumer brands — CheapTickets, Ebookers.com, Hotelclub Ltd., etc. — as well as managed services for corporate travel. As it is with every industry, the travel industry requires innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

Orbitz continues to deliver faster and more frequently to keep up with the market, which results in the ever-increasing need for a well-oiled IT machine. Key areas of the Orbitz operational road map include manual effort, agile delivery, microservices, and virtualization.

There is also a wide variety of groups within the organization that interact with the Orbitz IT environment every day, so the need for standardization, consistency, and efficient systems is crucial to the whole operation. Orbitz IT leaders knew it was imperative to centralize operations and information to reduce manual research and churn.

Zenoss & ServiceNowUnderstanding the Problem: The Orbitz Approach

  • Mean time to detect and repair
  • Standardized documentation to reduce process churn
  • Knowledge base of events and incidents
  • Processes and tools standardized

Addressing the Problem With ServiceNow & Zenoss

Orbitz found that integrating ServiceNow and Zenoss would not only reduce the amount of complexity in their environment but also offer the goal of unification and convergence. The benefits achieved by the integration include:

  • Simplified incident creation for reduced process cycle times
  • Better visibility from events to incidents for increased confidence in the data
  • Event management maturity measured to establish common metrics
  • Reduced amount of manual entry for improved staff productivity

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