How a Cloud Brought Me to Zenoss

Rather than rehashing my resume for my debut Zenoss blog post, I’ll open by disclosing what drew me to the company. Service Dynamics changes the way that I look at IT, by reminding me that IT delivers a service, whether it’s in a cloud or in the company’s basement.

What impressed me about Zenoss, especially Zenoss Service Dynamics, is its Service-Oriented nature. So, rather than dealing with the delta between infrastructure and services, Service Dynamics makes it easier to manage everything as a service – which, at the end of the day, is what IT is really providing.

Admittedly, it took a while for this Marketing guy to grasp the impact of what Service Dynamics is really doing. Predictably, I spent my first few minutes of playing with the product, doing what I’ve always done; show me a switch, show me an application metric, etc. But the light bulb went off in my head, when a Zenossian (I’m still getting used to that name) asked me what hypothetical problem I was trying to solve. I said “I want to see the size of a message queue, to assess the state of the Exchange server”. And he replied,” what about the health of mail service?”  He then started navigating views that were service-oriented, rather than the traditional element-centric view. I could rapidly assess the health of a service, and isolate faults, without knowing where to hunt for “the usual suspects”. I could navigate and assess the health of a service, without wading through a sea of meaningless noise. And I could do all of this, regardless of where the infrastructure lived. Yep, this was different.

I had seen companies pushing “service-oriented” solutions that sounded similar, in the past, but they were usually point-products that plugged into a myriad of other point products, with a healthy dose of duct tape and bailing wire - that sounds like a deployment nightmare, and a maintenance impossibility. Yet, Zenoss seemed to be delivering the whole stack. And yes, it appears to work. In-fact, there are actually organizations using it.

Did I have reservations about working for ‘The Cloud Management Company’? Yes, a couple decades in this industry have made me a bit wary of buzzwords. Did I have any reservations about working for a company that delivers a unified Service-oriented IT Operations platform? No way! It’s about time somebody built that, and actually got it to work, wherever their infrastructure is. So, yes, I came here because I believe in the product. And I’m happy to be here!



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