Eliminate Blind Spots - How to Deliver Total IT Visibility

The cost of unexpected downtime is rising. IT Ops teams need an IT service assurance model that allows them to see everything happening in their infrastructures through data collection, processing that data to determine service health, and integrating with other ITOM systems to accelerate incident resolution.

Gartner reports that, “By 2020, investment in AI/ML-based tools for IT resilience orchestration automation will more than triple, helping reduce business outages from cascading IT failures.” Modern IT monitoring solutions need to provide real-time coverage into the health of on-premises, cloud and serverless environments by relying on a single source of truth.

Here are some of the key capabilities to watch out for when evaluating the discovery and visibility capabilities of IT infrastructure monitoring solutions.


Automatic Discovery

A monitoring solution should automatically discover devices and applications in your dynamic environment and monitor them. This allows you to maintain a view of IT that is always current and gain total visibility into on-premises, cloud and serverless environment.

Real-Time Visibility

If the solution models all infrastructure relationships and service dependencies in real time, it can provide a single comprehensive view into the health of hybrid IT environments through deep, across-the-board, extensible monitoring.

Intelligent Dashboards

Machine-informed and dynamically arranged user interfaces provide the most relevant information to the user based on the issue being investigated. They also increase granular IT visibility and eliminate silos while reducing overhead costs.

Complete Coverage

In order to extend monitoring capabilities to any system or application, the monitoring platform should support flexible plug-ins that are easily created or modified. This offers open extensibility in order to add monitoring coverage to any IT resource you may need to manage.


Zenoss builds the most granular and intelligent infrastructure relationship models that dynamically map resources with services, even as services are moved. This gives IT Ops an accurate and up-to-date line of sight into the health of a service and its supporting infrastructure. Zenoss Cloud is designed to eliminate blind spots both across the enterprise and deep within infrastructure resources and allows IT Ops to zero in on compromised resources before they affect users or critical services.  If you’re interested in learning more or seeing a demo, please reach out to us!



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