Drumroll, Please! Our Newest Zenoss Master Is...


Here at Zenoss, we are very pleased to announce the revival of our Zenoss Masters program, and also very pleased to introduce you to our newest Zenoss Master!

Read on to Learn more about the Zenoss Master program, see who our existing Zenoss Masters are, discover who our newest Zenoss master is, and also learn how you can be involved in the selection of our next Zenoss Master.

What Is a Zenoss Master?

Zenoss Masters are crucial longstanding members of our Zenoss Core user community. Zenoss Masters typically contribute to the success of Zenoss by authoring ZenPacks and other code. They also contribute to the Zenoss open source ecosystem and are active on the Community Forums and IRC. Additionally, Zenoss Masters frequently serve as lieutenants to the Community Manager and as Forum or IRC channel operators.

Zenoss Masters are chosen by the Zenoss Community Manager with significant input from the Zenoss Community, and especially based on input from existing Zenoss Masters. Qualifications to become a Zenoss Master include authoring ZenPacks or other code for the Community and actively participating on the Forums and on IRC.

Which Community Members Are Already Zenoss Masters?

Despite a hiatus of the Zenoss Master program, there are still quite a few active Zenoss Masters today, both in the community as well as at Zenoss itself:

  • David Nalley is employed by Citrix in the Open Source Business Office and works on Apache CloudStack. At the Apache Software Foundation, David is the Vice President of Infrastructure. David has contributed to a number of projects, including Fedora, GlusterFS, and others. He has authored a number of ZenPacks.
  • Jane Curry is a prolific ZenPack author. I do not mean to slight her by not listing every ZenPack, but I feel that if I list all of the ZenPacks Jane has contributed, I will simply run out of Internet. Jane is a profound authority on Zenoss, having written the essential guide to Event Management for Zenoss 4. She is a Principle at Skills 1st Consulting Ltd. In the UK, and a go-to consultant for many Zenoss users.
  • Eric Edgar is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Zenoss. After writing numerous ZenPacks for the Community, he was hired to contribute to many of the ZenPacks that ship with Zenoss Core. Recently he has worked on literally everything, and is the author of the ZenPack Generator.
  • Ryan Matte is a Tier 2 Support Engineer at Zenoss. Historically one of the most active participants on IRC and the Forums helping community members, he was hired by Zenoss in 2013 to help our commercial customers. Ryan is the author of the Cisco MIBs ZenPack, which is the most popular Community ZenPack.

And The Newest Zenoss Master Is…

I am pleased to announce that Trey Hunsucker, also known as hydruid on both the forums and the IRC channel, is the latest inductee as Zenoss Master. Trey is one of the most prolific posters on the Zenoss Community Forums, one of the most active on IRC, and has written several newsletter articles.

In the real world, Trey Hunsucker is a twelve year veteran of using open source software to deploy and build business IT infrastructures. Leveraging this knowledge, Trey is an indispensable member of the team at Consolidated Networks Corporation, having served there as a Field Engineer for six years. When faced with rural schools that could not afford new computers, he leveraged Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) to ensure that the students got the resources they needed while keeping the project on budget. He has leveraged LibreOffice to replace MS Office, again providing a cost savings, and monitors the whole thing with Zenoss.

Trey blogs often about Zenoss on his blog, Hydruid's Blog -- Scripts, Linux, and Geek... what else?, and is an active member in the Zenoss and Ubuntu communities. In his spare time, he wrestles with his three kids and occasionally sleeps (which would be impossible without Zenoss). He is honored to be named a Zenoss Master and looks forward to contributing back to the project.

Congratulations, Trey!

On its way to Trey is the coveted Zenoss Master’s jacket. One of our other Zenoss Masters, Eric Edgar, says that it is “just a jacket”, however, Eric himself is rarely separated from it, and has been wearing it every time I’ve ever seen him.

And the Next Zenoss Master Will Be…

We will announce a new Zenoss Master every quarter with the newsletter. If you are an existing Zenoss community member or Zenoss Master, feel free to reach out and share your thoughts with me about who you think should be the next Zenoss master!

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