Zenoss vs. Zenoss: The Definitive Duel Between Our Free & Paid Versions

stock-photo-17906987-standing-man-with-two-choices-businessDoes this sound familiar?

“I just gave a demo of Zenoss Core to my supervisor and he liked what he saw.  He asked about the costs/merits of the commercial product versus the community version…I'd like to be able to give him a good ball park figure as well as what it gets us versus the free version.”

We get inquiries like this day-in and day-out:

  • “What’s the difference between Zenoss Core and Zenoss Enterprise / Service Dynamics(SD)?”
  • “Do you have any comparison of Zenoss Core to Zenoss (table of features, screenshoots …)”
  • “Is there a Zenoss Core vs Zenoss Dynamics comparison? I mean  - a list of add-on features in Zenoss Service Dynamics?”

We also get requests to evaluate both products. We’re not surprised that you want to be thorough, but it’s twice the time and effort on your part – and we know you’ve got a limited supply of both. It’s your job to make the best match, in the shortest time possible, between your criteria and your available options.

So next Friday, we’re going to net out for you just how people are choosing between our two popular packages. It’s time for a brutally-honest discussion of Zenoss vs. Zenoss.

We’ve invited an impartial 3rd-party expert – Shane Scott, from the ZenOSS Community Alliance– to walk you through a comparison, sharing the tribal knowledge he’s collected over years working with both the open-source product, Zenoss Core (aka the community version, the free version, etc.), and the commercial product, Zenoss Service Dynamics (aka the enterprise version, the commercial-of-the-shelf version, the paid version, etc.).

What: Zenoss vs. Zenoss - The Core vs. Commercial Throw Down
Date: Friday, May 17th
Time: 1:00 pm CST | 2:00 pm EST | 11:00 am PST
Who: Shane Scott - Global DC Infrastructure Zenoss Architecture at Rackspace, Jennifer Darrouzet - Director of Product Marketing at Zenoss, and Matt Maloney - Senior Technical Product Manager at Zenoss

It looks to be a lively discussion.  Matt Maloney, the Zenoss Service Dynamics (ZSD) Product Manager, will join us as well. Together, we’ll cover:

  • The gear and applications you can monitor with each,
  • Differences in capabilities, scalability, level of effort, and other criteria you’d be wise to consider when picking a monitoring solution your team will probably live with for a significant period of time,
  • Plus live audience Q&A, such that YOU can exit the event with the details you need in order to avoid unnecessary homework in the future.

Altogether, we’re hoping to condense what might be weeks of research on your part into a single session of information exchange with the experts. All in support of your ability to make a recommendation that your colleagues will thank you for. Because analysis paralysis never serves anyone.

Here are some of the related questions we plan to answer in the session, too, and if you plan to join us, I’d encourage you to post questions below beforehand.

  • Is paid support available for the Core version? What about paid training?
  • I have the Core install complete but there may be a few commercial ZenPacks that I would like to purchase and install.
  • What is the process to purchase commercial ZenPacks?
  • Can we mix the Core and Enterprise editions, so we only use the Enterprise edition where we need the Enterprise functionality?

Hope to see you at the session on Friday, May 17th!

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