Does Your Cloud Look More Like a Storm Cloud? That'll Cost You.

Can you guarantee Service Assurance in your company? Well you should.

Times have changed and as IT has evolved, delivering the same level of consistency in any business model is becoming not the goal but rather, the norm. What used to stem from a company’s desire to ensure a positive customer experience most of the time has now turned into an important KPI (if not the most important KPI).

Just how much does a service outage cost these days? When the math is worked out, it can be quite detrimental. A few examples come to mind when writing about this topic, but two in particular that really stand out.

In 2005, Google had slight hiccup that first appeared as if they had been hacked. It was later found to be a DNS problem that for some reason, was redirecting to the SoGoSearch page. Regardless of the problem, GigaOm pointed out that “the outage was for about 15 minutes or so. Given that the company had sales of $1.256 billion in the previous quarter, or about $581,481 an hour, apparently the company lost about $145,370 as a result of the outage.”

Earlier this year, Sony also had some network trouble which estimated their potential costs of two PlayStation breaches at a cool $24 Billion. So not only does Service Assurance need to be a standard from a day-to-day perspective, it also has a significant effect on your bottom line.

Be sure to checkout our followup post to this entry by Dan Kusnetzky that really dives into why guaranteeing service assurance is so critical for your business .




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