Customers for Life

customers4life-02“There has never been a meaningful life built on easy street.”  John Paul Warren

As the executive responsible for customer success at Zenoss, this is our mantra and is core to what it means to build true customers for life.

Zenoss is built on the tenet that customer success means customers getting real value, and this happens through integrity, honesty, and openness. I’ve heard other leaders talk about making customers happy, but I have learned that if you focus on creating value, customers will be happy. If I focus on just making customers happy, I may miss the key elements that a client needs to show real value. And I really do mean customers for LIFE — I want our team to create relationships that extend past Zenoss into their next endeavors.

Individually Unique. Better Together

The best technology is nothing without the people behind it. We believe working alongside our customers, building the ongoing relationship, and establishing mutual trust is the ultimate culmination that leads to success. Grainger Zelfie

We instill this core value across every department and have the sign hanging in the hallways at the headquarters: “We partner with our customers to create superior solutions. We believe that by making our customers successful, we ensure our own success.”

Quite simply, this means doing what you say, over-delivering, being transparent when things come up short, and rallying all hands to rectify the situation. Every day, for life.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. We want to be challenged. Silence is ultimately a huge red flag to the death spiral. Customers for life is an altruistic goal. The full circle of client success begins with prioritizing needs, the product roadmap, and the expansion of resources as concepts are proven and the product comes to fruition.

Celebrating our Customers at GalaxZ17


This "Customers for Life” week is designed to show the love in the month of February, but more that that, spotlight the leaders in IT who are making a difference in their organizations. This inaugural week is a great intro to our upcoming user conference, GalaxZ17, which is designed to celebrate and reward our customers, build a community that connects live and in person, right here in Austin, so we can deepen the relationships that make all the difference in IT transformation.

This evolution of hybrid IT and a concentration on the cloud is starving for thought leadership, and GalaxZ does provide two days packed with peer use cases and influencer perspectives. We take our responsibility very seriously — that we are not here to follow but lead. Cloud-delivered monitoring is a key trend we must challenge our clients to think about.

Thank you to all of our Customers for Life! If you are not already in this IT family, learn what we can do for you, even on your darkest days!

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