Cloud Native: Zenoss on AWS

A growing number of our customers are choosing to run their Zenoss deployment at Amazon. For them, it’s part of moving to a cloud-native organization. And it’s completely not surprising, as Amazon is fast becoming the largest supplier of data center server resources. Let’s review why, starting with “cloud-native.”

Cloud-native as a term has been around for at least six years. Paul Fremantle wrote a blog post in 2010 describing the key attributes of cloud-native applications as distributed, elastic, multi-tenant, self-service, granularly metered and billed, and incrementally deployed and tested.

This year, GCHQ, a UK government organization published “GCHQ: Boiling Frogs?” a book suggesting “Technology organizations need to change radically to survive increasing technical and business disruption” and outlining an approach. It’s a very fine read, recommended. Chapter five expands the cloud-native term from applications to organizations summarized in this table.

Cloud Native

Moving Zenoss, a critical piece of IT infrastructure, off-site to Amazon may seem surprising. But look through the cloud-native terms and see what you find:

For customers, Zenoss in the cloud becomes:

  • A consumed service, instead of an application that needs tending
  • Is built on a commodity, scale-out design instead of a custom set of servers
  • Allows for a dynamic operating model, easily scaled up or down to meet different needs
  • Creates a focus on the outcome of monitoring, not the analysis of a monitoring system

And so on.

At our recent user conference, GalaxZ16, I spoke with one of our Zenoss-at-Amazon customers. They’re attacking cloud-native head-on. Every quarter they seek out hardware, software, and applications that are running on-premise and look to see what to move next to the cloud. For this university, “IT infrastructure” is a lot more than servers, storage arrays, and switches. When they think of  IT infrastructure they think first of SaaS applications, Cloud Foundry, and AWS - and then the physical data center. They’re using Zenoss to help them plan their move away from running a physical data center and to manage the new environment at the same time.

Here’s what you can do now - ask us about how running Zenoss at AWS can simplify your IT operations and help you become more cloud-native. Or meet up with us at the AWS Public Sector Summit in DC, June 20 & 21.


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