Cloud Link Roundup #76 - Amazon Cloud Downed, Rackspace Cloud Block Storage, DevOps

Every Friday, Zenoss highlights some of the best posts from the week. Here are some great articles they selected from 10/22/2012 that are worth taking a look at.

Taking Elephants To The OpenStack Cloud – A New Initiative With Hortonworks by Huw Edwards | Rackspace Blog

We want to take the headache out of deploying and using Big Data solutions. And today, through a strategic partnership with Hortonworks, a leader in Apache Hadoop development, implementation, support, operations and training, we will do just that.

Virtualization vs. The Cloud: Are They Really So Different? by Mia Vals | The Next Web

Day to day, you may hear buzzwords like cloud hosting or virtualization and associate them with the same thing, but there are many different schools of thought entirely. Many businesses are rushing to “the cloud” in hope of some sort of holy grail; massively reduced costs and easier to manage infrastructure, but they don’t realize that they’re already happily sitting in their own private cloud.

Does OpenStack need a Linus Torvalds? by Brandon Butler | Network World

OpenStack has been dubbed by some enthusiasts as the Linux of the cloud - an open source operating system for public or private clouds. But there's one stark difference between the two projects: OpenStack doesn't have a Linus Torvalds, the eccentric, outspoken, never-afraid-to-say-what-he-thinks leader of the Linux world.

Cisco: Cloud, Data Center Network Traffic on the Rise by Jeffrey Burt | eWeek

By 2016, data center traffic will hit 6.6 zettabytes, with almost two-thirds of that comprising cloud computing traffic, according to a Cisco study. Cisco Systems officials see network traffic in data centers continuing to skyrocket, and cloud computing workloads playing an increasingly large role in that growth.

Amazon Cloud Goes Down Again, Breaks Foursquare and Others by Robert McMillan | Wired Enterprise

The cloud is cool. But it’s not always there. That’s what some Amazon customers learned today after another outage on Amazon’s cloud computing platform knocked off several popular websites offline. Foursquare said the failure kept it and other services from working for “about 2 hours,” according to an e-mail from spokeswoman Erin Gleason.

Don't just blame the cloud for the Amazon Web Services outage by Ted Samson | Infoworld

Amazon Web Services has once again found itself in the unenviable position of being the poster-boy-turned-whipping-boy for the cloud computing world due to another high-profile service disruption that severely slowed down or knocked out a handful of heavily trafficked websites and services, including Netflix, Reddit, Airbnb, imgur, Pinterest, Heroku, and Foursquare.

IBM and CloudShare launch agile development platform  by Ken Hess | ZDNet

IBM and CloudShare recently announced their partnership to provide a pre-production, cloud-based agile development environment that you can setup in minutes. Ordinarily, it's an exaggeration to say, "Setup in minutes" but in the case of CloudShare's virtual machine template inventory, it's plain fact. Better yet, you can setup what they refer to as a small SharePoint Farm with a single click. No, it's not a joke. In fact, you can select from an array of pre-built environments and deploy any of them with a single click.

Why the Cloud Needs a Network Decongestant by Dan Woods | Forbes

Every part of the world of business computing is getting cloudier. By that I mean that computing resources are becoming virtual. Instead of running on a physical machine, our applications run on virtual machines, ones created by software and controlled by APIs.

Agility of Open Source Software Proves Good For for US Military by Luis Ibanez | OpenSource.com

While preparing to attend the 4th Military Open Source Working Group meeting, it was refreshing and affirming to receive a notification for the event dress code: “Please remember that this is an open source software event and in honor of the glorious developers, casual attire is expected. In the event you come wearing a coat, a T-shirt will be provided to you at the door.” I knew this was a crowd I wanted to hangout with. And the execution of the event was even more interesting. I can hardly wait for the next meeting. Here are some highlights…

Rackspace unveils cloud data storage offerings by Antony Savvas | Techworld

Cloud provider Rackspace has launched a new open source data storage system for its customers. The Cloud Block Storage system is powered by the non-proprietary OpenStack system to provide attached storage in the cloud, to support file systems, databases and other input/output intensive applications.

Looking For The Next $1 Billion Open Source Company by Brian Proffitt | ReadWrite

It's been just under seven months since Red Hat became the world's first $1 billion open-source company. Now the question is who will follow suit and become the next open source company to hit this milestone?

Deutsche Telekom CTO: “We have to simplify the cloud architecture” by Bruno Jacobfeuerborn | Business Cloud News

There is a clear need for standardisation of network virtualisation and cloud services – that was the verdict of Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, chief technology officer at Deutsche Telekom, who delivered a keynote presentation at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam this morning.

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