Cloud Link Roundup #14: Private Clouds, Cloud Building, Virtualization, Cloud Adoption

Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of June 13th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy!


Gartner: IT Should Be Planning, Moving to Private Clouds >  by Ellen Messmer

"If speedy IT services are important, businesses should be shifting from traditional computing into virtualization in order to build a private cloud that, whether operated by their IT department or with help from a private cloud provider, will give them that edge."

Taking the Revolutionary Approach to Cloud Building – How to Architect for the Greatest Efficiency >  by Barton George

"Last week Dell was out in force at the Cloud Computing Expo in New York as the event’s diamond sponsor.  Besides the Keynote...I also gave one the talks and mine focused on the revolutionary approach to the cloud and talked about how this approach was setting a new bar for IT efficiency."

Cloud Market: Rites of Passage >  by Greg O'Connor

"Blink twice and 'Can we get a puppy?' becomes 'Can I take the car tonight?'  Cloud computing took a little longer.  By my calculation, it's taken roughly eight Cloud Expos to move from "Cloud what?" to 'Cloud how?'"

Connecting Clouds: L2 or L3? >  by James Downey

"We speak of the cloud, but we have no cloud. We have clouds: private clouds, a cloud at Amazon, a cloud at Rackspace; more and more clouds, distinct and separate. Enterprises looking to cloud computing may well decide on an all-of-the-above strategy..."

Data Center Startups Emerging to Solve Virtualization and Cloud Problems >  by Jon Brodkin

"A host of new data center startups are coming on the scene to help IT shops handle the challenges posed by virtualized infrastructures and cloud computing. The GigaOM Structure event next week will feature 11 new companies, including at least two that Network World readers will be familiar with."

How Virtualization Improves Data Quality >  by Robert Eve

"Poor data quality costs businesses billions every year.  It causes business leaders to make poor decisions.   It increases customer dissatisfaction and churn to reduce revenues.  It increases costs to perform remediation.  It discourages employees by setting a low performance bar."

The Difference Between Public and Private Cloud Computing >  by Brian McCallion

"If the cloud’s origin is essentially private, what is the 'public cloud'? One possible definition is that the public cloud is a disruptive channel through which to package and deliver some of the advantages of the cloud to 'the public.'"

Survey Says Scalability and Costs are Driving Cloud Adoption >  by Krishnan Subramanian

"A survey done by vendors, Bitnami, Cloud.com and Zenoss, shows that the user adoption of cloud computing is driven largely by needs for scalability and cost savings...68% of those polled say that the biggest attraction of cloud computing for them is the hardware cost savings, another 66% quote agility and 51% quote elasticity as attractions."

9 Reasons Why You Might Be Experiencing Enterprise 2.0 Adoption Challenges >  by Jacob Morgan

"Adoption is oftentimes the greatest challenge that organizations are faced with.  The first thing many people want to do is immediately find a solution.   However, it is not possible to find a solution without first understanding the problem and why it happening to being with."

Retaking the High Ground in Cloud Discussion >  by Bob Deutsche

"Are you perceived as a trusted partner? Or are you seen as an expensive necessity that is slow and cumbersome and contributes nothing to reducing time to market? Again, be honest when you think about this."


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