Clear Skys with Open Clouds: Enhancing Monitoring for Citrix CloudStack




Zenoss is at Citrix Synergy this week in San Francisco. In conjunction with our presence at the event and session during the Build a Cloud Workshop, we’re happy to announce an update to our CloudStack monitoring ZenPack.

Available immediately on GitHub as part of our Open Source ZenPack portfolio, these enhancements will extend monitoring and correlation capabilities to VMs running on CloudStack for a more unified view of the CloudStack infrastructure. More specifically, the new CloudStack ZenPack now monitors a broader range of VM’s, including router VMs, secondary storage VMs and console proxy VMs, to ensure service performance on CloudStack.

While at Citrix Synergy this week, stop by booth #906 in the CloudStack Community Pavilion to learn more about the CloudStack ZenPack. And on Thursday, we’ll be presenting at the Build a Cloud workshop, which is a great opportunity to learn best practices and gain industry insights into building elastic, scalable and profitable open source clouds.

We originally launched this ZenPack last fall and with good reason. Citrix has been doing great things to promote open source and interoperable Cloud computing. As evidence by their activity within the OpenStack community (even before entrusting CloudStack’s future to the Apache Foundation), Citrix is moving in the right direction by letting CloudStack live as a full open source project. Not to mention that they are the first Cloud platform in the industry to do so.

Our own Floyd Strimling has pointed out, Citrix has maintained a truly heterogeneous offering supporting the likes of VMware, Microsoft, Xen, and more.  Additionally, Citrix has maintained an aggressive roadmap while releasing stable and mature code to both their community and commercial customers.

According to Chet Luther, Principal Engineer and Architect of the CloudStack ZenPack, Citrix makes their CloudStack mission clear: deliver a powerful, proven, hypervisor-agnostic platform that helps customers of all sizes build robust Clouds. Zenoss aims to support this mission by working with our commercial and open source customers to continue enhancing our CloudStack ZenPack and providing a powerful unified monitoring solution for CloudStack deployments.



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