A Retrospective on Red Hat Month at Zenoss

At the beginning of the month, we announced that August 2012 would be known as Red Hat Month at Zenoss. With such an incredible year for Red Hat, it was only fitting that we devote a month to our open source brethren. As Red Hat continues to be the most trusted provider of Linux and open source technology in the world, Zenoss is proud to be a commercial open source company that actively participates within the Red Hat ecosystem.

Throughout the month of August, we celebrated Red Hat excellence through a series of webinars that showcased Zenoss' abilities to monitor your Red Hat Infrastructure. During VMworld, we were proud to announce support for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3. The ZenPack for this release was immediately available for Zenoss Service Dynamics customers and to our Zenoss Core open source users.

Beyond Elemental Monitoring: Red Hat Infrastructure

The first webinar, Beyond Elemental Monitoring: Red Hat Infrastructure, focused on the paradigm shift from elemental monitoring to the importance of service monitoring. During the 30 minute webinar, we tackled three primary topics:

  1. The benefits of modeling your Red Hat Infrastructure
  2. Agentless Monitoring of Red Hat Infrastructure
  3. Service-based monitoring and Service-Impact RCA

Click here to watch the first webinar.

Monitoring Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 - The Right Way

The second webinar, Monitoring Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3 - The Right Way, looked at the key to RHEV3’s success: manageability including properly instrumenting and monitoring the entire infrastructure within dynamic and converged infrastructures. Here are the three main takeaways from this webinar:

  1. The value of modeling and visualizing your KVM infrastructure
  2. Performance monitoring and eventing of RHEV3/KVM/oVirt
  3. The benefits of unified monitoring, eventing, service impact and RCA

Click here to watch the second webinar.





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