8 Reasons Why Application Developers & Customers May Fight Converged Infrastructure [eBook]

Who wouldn't want proven design, rapid provisioning, and a single point of support? These are the benefits IT folks care about, but colleagues and customers (whose jobs are NOT IT) may not give a hoot about why you want Cisco UCS, a FlexPod, or a Vblock. They don't know how complex running a data center is getting.  Recall that they aren't watching IT trends because they are paid NOT to think about all that; but to focus on business needs instead. They are going to be startled if you come forward and make a case for investing in Converged Infrastructure, and they are quite likely to develop concerns, and be quite vocal about them.

These skeptics can derail your plans.

There's no doubt about it; change = anxiety. And while something like Converged Infrastructure has been put through its paces and validated by the likes of Cisco, NetApp, and VCE, there will be an ever-growing list of 'what ifs?' These shouldn't be taken lightly. These 'what ifs' stem from valid business concerns and should be accounted for - in fact, they should be prepared for, and resolved productively - before a Converged Infrastructure plan gets acted upon.

To save your team many a headache in future, ready you for a constructive conversation about using shared resources, and ultimately help you reap the potential business benefits of having Converged Infrastructure, we share this eBook - The Skeptics: 8 Reasons Application Developers & Customers May Fight Converged Infrastructure.

The Skeptics Converged Infrastructure eBook Download

These are some of the most common reasons why your colleagues - and customers - might become the most vocal force opposing your plans. Unprepared, your business could lose this fight. But never fear, get ahead of the curve on this one, learn to anticipate common objections, and find the answers to quell the outcry in this eBook. Turn those Skeptics into Believers.



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