IT Automation & Orchestration

Integrate Monitoring With IT Automation & Orchestration Tools

Deploy new applications with automated monitoring and full impact analysis.

Automate With Ease

  • Automate discovery, ticketing creation, and performance or system failure response actions
  • Integrate with complex configuration management systems like Chef, Puppet, SaltStack and more
  • Automate routine and complex tasks alike, simplifying management and deployment of templates for rapid application provisioning
  • Integrate with provisioning, orchestration and automation solutions to monitor updates to key services as they are released, aligning the two workflows without disrupting the mismatch in cadences amongst internal teams

Improve Agility With an End-to-End IT Solution

  • Deploy new applications in minutes, including integration into CMDBs and service management tools
  • Extend current capabilities of application provisioning to provide application awareness in the infrastructure
  • Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR)

Streamline IT Through Integrations

  • Enable enterprise IT to automate and streamline cross-team processes
  • Increase productivity and eliminate issues caused by human error
  • Integrate with provisioning and orchestration tools to quickly discover the source of recurring problems
  • Get automatic notifications with detailed reports when the problems are identified

conflict to cooperation:
aligning it ops & devops

Improve Agility, Meet Deadlines & Eliminate Shadow IT

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AUTOMATION With Software-Defined IT Operations

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"The big benefit for Harness in Zenoss is the level of automation. In today's world, instead of managing tens of things, you're managing thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of devices. The human can't physically keep up and analyze all of those data sets — you need to automate."

-Steve Burton, Harness


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