The Future of AI Driven Automation

"Raj Jathar, AVP Solution Engineering and Technical Sales at HCL DRYiCE shares how an automated, closed-loop process referred to as “self-driving IT operation management” is highly desired but still aspirational. Enterprises at the foot of the mountain looking up would do well to start by automating the remediation and fulfillment of the routine and the mundane.

This session will cover the complementary nature of Zenoss and DRYiCE’s iAutomate solution. Join us to learn how a performance monitoring and incident management solution like Zenoss coupled with an AI-driven intelligent automation solution like iAutomate is the perfect combination to meet specific needs throughout all steps of the maturity model. Together, they make the only end-to-end solution that combines full-stack monitoring, AIOps and AI-powered automated runbook execution."

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