Viptela SD-WAN Integration Service

The Viptela SD-WAN Integration Service provides support for monitoring faults and performance for Viptela vEdge routers, vSmart controllers, and the vManage network management system. It is an annual subscription service that is renewable every 12 months from the date of purchase and is designed to offer ongoing compatibility between the platforms as described below.

Deliverable 1 - Zenoss Viptela SD-WAN ZenPack

Zenoss will install, set up and configure the Zenoss Viptela SD-WAN ZenPack. This provides monitoring for supported Viptela devices and components that are available.

The following common features are available across the supported products where available.

Base Discovery:

  • Interfaces
  • Control Connections
  • Chassis ID
  • System IP
  • Hostname
  • Serial Number
  • Site ID


Performance and event data collection for devices controlled by a vManage network management system is accomplished through vManage API calls. No direct connection is needed from a Zenoss system to any vEdge or vSmart device.

  • Event collection
  • Control Connection Uptime
  • Interface txoctets, txpackets, txdrops, txerrors, rxoctets, rxpacktes, rx drops, rxerrors
  • Tunnel uptime, txpackets, rxpackets, txoctets, rxoctets (vEdge only)
  • Memory utilization mem_total, mem_used, mem_cached, mem_buffers
  • CPU utilization system, user, idle
  • Disk utilization

NOTE: Read-only API credentials are required to the vManage API. No device-specific credentials are required for the vEdge or vSmart devices

Acceptance 1 - Viptela SD-WAN ZenPack

  • A user is able to add a device from the Infrastructure view in Zenoss UI
  • A user is able to see the device is listed in the UI after modeling
  • Modeling will add all hardware returned by the vManage. A user is able to see new hardware after modeling
  • A user is able click on the device and see components, templates, graphs
  • A user is able to see modeler plug-ins
  • A user is able view the individual components that are present and validate data is being monitored
  • A user is able to reset the default alarm thresholds on the components

This integration is a subscription-based Professional Services engagement. Our Integration Services are offered as subscriptions in order to provide initial setup and ongoing compatibility and maintenance. All standard packages are renewable every 12 months from the date of purchase. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks.