Rancid Integration (community) ZenPack

Integrates the RANCID config backup tool into the Zenoss interface. Config changes are displayed as device components.


This ZenPack is developed by the Zenoss user community and supported via our online forums. Zenoss, Inc. does not provide direct support for this ZenPack.


Version 1.0.0- Download
Summary of changes: First release of the community RANCID integration ZenPack.
Released on 2013/07/15
Requires See installation notes for required Unix packages ZenPack
Compatible with Zenoss Core 4.2.x


This ZenPack integrates RANCID from Shrubbery networks into Zenoss. A separate daemon takes care of running rancid on a daily basis. Devices can be added into the Rancid monitoring by changing the zProperties. All configuration changes are made visible as new device components and the content is available in the component details.

Integration with external SVN viewers like ViewVC is included.

For screenshots, download and installation instructions check the GitHub pages location: http://mwallraf.github.io/ZenPacks.TwoNMS.Rancid/

Make sure to check the system requirements before installing this ZenPack.


This ZenPack is developed and supported by the Zenoss User Community. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks. Click here to view all available Zenoss Community ZenPacks.