Linux Monitoring

This ZenPack provides monitoring support for Linux, leveraging OpenSSH for data access. In addition to system health, disks, LVM, services and processes are monitored.

Features Summary:

  • Monitors multiple Linux flavors and versions
  • OpenStack LVM volume integration
  • Monitors LVM physical volumes, volume groups, thin pools and logical volumes
  • Block device monitoring
  • Service monitoring via Sysvinit, Systemd, or Upstart
  • Root-cause analysis with impact support
  • Dynamic view support
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This ZenPack is developed and supported by Zenoss Inc. Contact Zenoss to request more information regarding this or any other ZenPacks. Click here to view all available Zenoss Open Source ZenPacks.

Automatic Discovery

The Linux Monitor ZenPack automatically discovers hard disks, processors, IP services, file systems, interfaces, network routes, OS services, OS processes, and physical, logical and snapshot volumes. This ZenPack automatically updates their attributes and collections with modeling.

Performance Monitoring

The Linux Monitor ZenPack allows you to track performance metrics using SNMP or SSH protocols. In addition to system health, disks, LVM, services and processes are also monitored. This ZenPack provides a real-time, accurate view of dynamic infrastructures from a single dashboard.

Service Impact and Root-Cause Analysis

This ZenPack adds built-in service impact and root-cause analysis capabilities for services running on Linux. The service impact relationships for devices, including hard disk, IP interface, CPU, OS processes, OS services and more, are automatically added. This ZenPack allows you to easily identify and address common performance issues and trends before service quality is impacted.

Using Zenoss to Monitor Your Linux Environment:

  • Provides automatic discovery and modeling data along with relationship mapping to other infrastructure resources
  • Provides service-centric views by modeling service dependencies within underlying Linux systems
  • Provides performance monitoring data and root-cause analysis for service issues



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