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IT organizations are increasingly leveraging emerging technologies for faster deployment and easier management.
Zenoss helps overcome the complexities of migrating to the cloud and adopting converged and software-defined technologies.

Converged Infrastructure

Assimilating converged infrastructure and hyperconverged infrastructure technologies into legacy IT monitoring environments can be challenging. These solutions can be extremely complex and are purposely architected for frequent change — and tuning them to get maximum value from the investment requires a monitoring platform designed specifically for them. Unlike traditional tools, Zenoss Service Dynamics was designed from the ground up to unify converged infrastructure and traditional data center monitoring. Zenoss is helping companies deliver IT service assurance at scale by monitoring these dynamic and demanding data center offerings in real time, all from a single unified platform.


Converged Infrastructure Monitoring - Why Choose Zenoss

Virtual & Software-Defined Technologies

The dynamic nature of virtualized environments requires continuous awareness of the relationships between application services and the supporting IT infrastructure components. With disparate tools for different technologies, it can also be difficult to identify service problems or to quickly and precisely identify the root cause of an application performance or availability issue. For containers, software-defined storage, hypervisors, virtual machines and OpenStack frameworks, the Zenoss platform provides a unified, real-time view of your entire virtual and physical environment.


Virtual - Why Choose Zenoss for Virtualization Monitoring?

Private & Public Cloud

Cloud environments are ephemeral in nature, and this creates challenges for legacy monitoring tools designed for static environments. To ensure consistent service delivery, IT Ops teams need to assimilate cloud technologies into their tested IT monitoring processes and have a unified, real-time view of all cloud, virtual and physical resources. The Zenoss platform was designed for managing public and private cloud platforms along with traditional infrastructure deployments, enabling IT Ops teams to quickly and effectively onboard cloud resources and ensure consistent service delivery across cloud and on-premises systems.


Technology Adoption - Public and Private Cloud

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