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Zenoss Increases Return on Investment for OpenStack-Enabled Clouds

New ZenPack Simplifies IT Operations for Emerging Cloud Platform

Austin, TX – October 23, 2014 – Zenoss Inc., the leading provider of unified monitoring and analytics solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructure and applications, today announced the availability of its new OpenStack Infrastructure ZenPack.

OpenStack is quickly becoming a key component of the rapidly evolving landscape that includes intrinsic technologies for big data, cloud, containers like Docker, converged infrastructure, virtualization, and more. Zenoss has invested in simplifying the monitoring of these systems for innovative IT organizations around the globe.

"We're seeing some phenomenal growth in the OpenStack market and much demand in our market surveys: our bottoms-up forecast based on vendor and service provider revenue is projecting that the OpenStack market will be $3.3B by 2018, an annual 40% growth rate from 2013," stated Michael Coté, Research Director, Infrastructure Software. "As OpenStack is used in more deployments, including mainstream, monitoring those installations will become critical but increasingly difficult for end-users. It's great to see innovative vendors like Zenoss adding capabilities so that they can evolve with the growth of the market."

Innovative companies across the world use OpenStack to achieve unprecedented flexibility and agility and Zenoss ensures reliable IT Service delivery to increase productivity and reduce costs. With Zenoss these organizations can realize the full potential of their investments in modern technology.

"The unprecedented investment by industry leaders is clearly driving the rapid growth and adoption of OpenStack by our customers. We have extended our OpenStack support beyond the current tenant view to now provide operators of OpenStack-based clouds with insight into the performance and availability of the underlying physical and virtual infrastructure," said Alan Conley, CTO and SVP Engineering at Zenoss. "The combination of OpenStack, application, and infrastructure performance in one unified platform provides unequaled visibility into overall service health."

Zenoss now has the ability to manage OpenStack from a cloud user perspective as well as a cloud provider perspective through its new OpenStack Infrastructure ZenPack.

Key capabilities in the new OpenStack Infrastructure ZenPack include:

  • Automatic discovery and modelling of OpenStack cloud components, including physical hosts, the software components or hypervisors running on the hosts, and relationships between physical hosts and OpenStack components.
  • Collection of provider-oriented metrics, such as CPU utilization, disk read/write request and byte rates, and network utilization (incoming/outgoing packet and byte rates) for OpenStack hosts and instances.
  • Support for building cloud service impact models, including for the underlying cloud infrastructure such as Cisco UCS converged infrastructure, networking components from Cisco, Brocade, and Juniper, and server hardware from industry-standard hardware vendors such as Dell, HP, and IBM. If a hardware issue occurs on a physical host, this information is propagated into Service Impact so providers can quickly see what infrastructure/services are impacted.

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Zenoss is a leading provider of unified monitoring and analytics software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Over 35,000 organizations worldwide have deployed Zenoss to manage their networks, servers, virtual devices, storage, and cloud infrastructure, gaining visibility and control of their IT operations.

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