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Zenoss Expands Library of Software-Defined IT Operations™ ZenPacks

Dell EMC Isilon and NetApp ZenPacks Extend Zenoss Data Collection Coverage

AUSTIN, Texas – October 25, 2017 – Zenoss Inc., the leader in Software-Defined IT Operations™ (SDITO), today announced that it has expanded its coverage in the growing storage market with the introduction of a new ZenPack for Dell EMC Isilon and extended support for NetApp products.

Zenoss pioneered the evolution from traditional infrastructure monitoring to SDITO, which utilizes predictive capabilities to automate intelligent decision-making and execute processes to ensure IT services are uninterrupted. This enables businesses to dramatically reduce risk posture by predicting and eliminating IT outages.

The new and updated ZenPacks enhance deep data collection capabilities for storage array components, which are foundational elements of cloud, on-premises and hybrid IT environments. This includes in-depth monitoring of network-attached storage (NAS) performance, utilization, status, metrics and events for array components including:

  • Clusters
  • IFS file systems
  • Snapshots
  • Nodes
  • Chassis
  • Disks
  • Sensors (i.e., fans, temperature sensors, power sensors)

"SDITO provides the glue to take health and performance data from any source and build real-time IT service models to fully understand relationships and dependencies," said Mike Lunt, vice president of engineering for Zenoss. "We are uniquely able to collect this comprehensive set of data and apply intelligent analytics that help our customers avoid service disruptions across their entire IT infrastructures."

ZenPacks are prepackaged, customizable and extensible plug-ins used to extend the Zenoss SDITO platform. They use standard APIs and protocols including SNMP, WMI, SSH and many more to collect configuration information and provide deep system monitoring capabilities across any type of system or application. The flexible, highly extensible ZenPack model allows the Zenoss platform to extend discovery, performance and availability monitoring to new technologies quickly. In addition to the Dell EMC Isilon and NetApp ZenPacks, Zenoss boasts a catalog of more than 500 ZenPacks covering physical and virtual infrastructure, containers, cloud deployments, and applications.

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