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Zenoss Announces NetFlow Insight

AUSTIN, TX – July 6, 2016 – Zenoss Inc., the leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, today announced NetFlow Insight, which collects, analyzes and correlates massive volumes of NetFlow data to provide critical insight into your entire network infrastructure. NetFlow Insight, along with UC Insight with Log Analytics, is powered by LayerX’s award-winning AnalytiX software.

NetFlow is a protocol that’s used to monitor network health and IP traffic information providing valuable data on source and destination IP addresses, Type of Service (ToS) information, packet and byte counts, start and end timestamps, TCP flags, routing information, and more.

The challenge for IT Ops is extracting actionable insights from the data as millions of NetFlows occur every minute. Correlating vast amounts of data into a consumable format is no easy task. NetFlow Insight seamlessly collects, analyzes and correlates all of your NetFlow streams and transforms them into intuitive graphs and reports, giving you complete network visibility.

Ensuring optimal network infrastructure performance is paramount to reliable service delivery. When the network is running at its best, teams collaborate with speed and efficiency, customers are happy, and the business runs smoothly. However, when network issues arise, they can negatively impact all aspects of your business and be difficult and time consuming to diagnose.

NetFlow Insight provides end-to-end monitoring across heterogeneous networks, delivering a detailed understanding of who’s on your network, how precious bandwidth is being consumed, as well as accurate analysis and alerting of potential network threats.

"In today’s business environment, success is tied to responsiveness," said Marcus MacNeill, Zenoss Vice President of Product Management. "Network monitoring is essential, but many companies are realizing competitive advantages via analysis of more granular data. NetFlow Insight offers extensive monitoring and powerful correlation that helps our customers uncover trends, identify threats, stay ahead of network issues, and optimize service delivery."

NetFlow Insight expands the UC Insight with Log Analytics platform to deliver all of your data under a single architecture that is correlated against performance thresholds and analyzed to determine anomalistic behavior. Combining detailed dashboards, in-depth reports and auto-remediation capabilities, NetFlow Insight helps you ensure peak network performance.

"Today’s networks are more complicated than ever with on-premises infrastructure connected to cloud infrastructure and all facets of communication and machine data traversing them," said Glenn Means, President of LayerX. "NetFlow Insight delivers the actionable information needed to drive optimal network performance, and we’re thrilled to expand our partnership with Zenoss."

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