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Zenoss as a Service Selected by NoaNet

AUSTIN, Texas – March 14, 2018 – Zenoss Inc., the leader in software-defined IT operations (SDITO), today announced that NoaNet has selected Zenoss as a Service (ZaaS) as an upgrade to its IT event management platform, which enables NoaNet to offer differentiating customer services and grow its business.

NoaNet is the largest nonprofit broadband provider in the state of Washington, currently operating an open-access broadband network totaling nearly 3,000 fiber miles across Washington and providing high-speed connectivity to nearly 260,000 people in rural and underserved areas. NoaNet brings reliable internet access to schools, hospitals, emergency responders, libraries, colleges and universities.

"Zenoss was an involved and engaged partner throughout every conversation and at every stage of the process," said Duane Ball, director of business systems at NoaNet. "Their willingness and ability to listen, understand our unique challenges, and present customized options to address and resolve those challenges helped us arrive at a solution that benefits NoaNet and our customers."

Zenoss develops software that builds comprehensive real-time models of hybrid IT environments, providing unparalleled holistic health and performance insights exactly where they are needed. By leveraging the ZaaS cloud-hosted platform, NoaNet will benefit from a streamlined deployment process, increased scalability and resiliency, and reduced resources devoted to managing the IT event management platform.

NoaNet engaged Verinon Solutions, a Zenoss partner, to develop a strategy and identify vendor solutions to upgrade their service capabilities for event and incident management.

"The Zenoss direct sales and channel teams worked closely with us and alongside IT services management company ServiceNow to develop a technical plan and submit a formal recommendation that would earn the approval of the NoaNet executive team," said Michael Schinaman, vice president of business development at Verinon. "Life without outages begins with software-defined IT operations — a holistic, scalable approach to managing IT services. NoaNet will be able to move faster and deploy modern technologies to deliver greater business value and decrease the risk of outages."

"Telecom organizations are the critical piece in bridging the digital divide, and selecting Zenoss was an added value for NoaNet's customers," said Brian Wilson, chief customer officer at Zenoss. "We are proud to partner with NoaNet to help them achieve their mission of 'Broadband for everyone, everywhere,' and ultimately deliver a premium customer experience."

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Zenoss works with the world's largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. As the leader in software-defined IT operations, Zenoss develops software that builds comprehensive real-time models of hybrid IT environments, providing unparalleled holistic health and performance insights. This uniquely enables Zenoss customers to predict and eliminate outages, dramatically reducing downtime and IT spend. https://www.zenoss.com

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Verinon Solutions offers strategic business and technology solutions to our 300+ global customers in the content management/collaboration and IT Infrastructure management spaces. Our service offerings span a range of managed services specific to application development & support, new software platform rollouts & full scale content migration projects. Our focus is on quality with aggressive cost structures, fueled by a mix of flexible delivery options.  Verinon’s delivery capabilities consist of; on-site, near-shore, off-shore as well as hybrid delivery approaches. http://www.verinon.com 

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