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Zenoss Selected by Systems Solution, Inc.

Managed Service Providers Require Segregation in Unified Monitoring to Maximize Individual Customer Success

Austin, TX – January 20, 2015 – Zenoss Inc., the leading provider of unified monitoring and analytics solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructure and applications, today announced Systems Solution, Inc. (SSI) has selected Zenoss as the primary monitoring tool for the popular MySecureCloud® platform. "Leading cloud service providers like SSI are changing the global IT landscape by offering best-in-class technology, infrastructure, and expertise in a pay-for-use model. IT leaders can now cost-effectively drive business-critical initiatives to market with unprecedented speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction," stated David Loia, Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Zenoss. "Zenoss is proud to be a driving force behind the phenomenal effectiveness of leading CSPs like SSI, providing unique scaling capabilities to enhance their overall service quality and value." Systems Solution, Inc. (SSI) has become a widely-trusted resource for professional IT support and market-leading cloud technologies. As the technology market continues to evolve, we have retained our customer focused attitude while staying ahead of the curve through constant innovation and our suite of customizable solutions for technology hosting, management, support, disaster recovery, data and system security. With SSI’s people, process and advanced infrastructure, small and midsized enterprises are now able to dramatically improve their efficiency, effectiveness and mobility like never before. "In general, we deliver solutions to organizations that have high expectations of what type of web experience to expect and what they absolutely must provide to their users," said Scott Urofsky, Chief Technology Officer, Systems Solution, Inc. "We continue to broaden our capabilities to match our client’s demands. Including Zenoss, as a key part of our MySecureCloud platform to help to ensure clients are satisfied with performance at all times." Available as an on-premise or a cloud-based service, Zenoss Service Dynamics provides unified, automated performance and availability monitoring and event management for the entire IT infrastructure. Robust APIs facilitate easy integration with provisioning systems, service desk applications, CMDBs, and orchestration systems. Additional Resources

About Zenoss Zenoss is a leading provider of unified monitoring and analytics software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Over 35,000 organizations worldwide have deployed Zenoss to manage their networks, servers, virtual devices, storage, and cloud infrastructure, gaining visibility and control of their IT operations. About Systems Solution, Inc. (SSI) Systems Solution, Inc. (SSI) specializes in delivering scalable and powerful technology solutions for small and midsized businesses to provide them with the edge and agility they need in the modern marketplace. Over the last 28 years, SSI has become a trusted resource for professional IT management and market-leading cloud technologies that are backed by a strong commitment to personable service and dependable support. Through SSI’s people, processes and advanced infrastructure─ small and midsized enterprises are now able to dramatically improve their efficiency, security, and mobility like never before. Learn more at http://www.ssi-net.com. Media Contact Alison Guzzio aguzzio@zenoss.com 610-925-2761