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Zenoss Sales Grow 165 Percent in Second Quarter as Demand Surges for its Intelligent Data Center Solution

Named by Forbes as One of the Best Cloud Computing Companies to Work For and Increased Worldwide Staff by 40 Percent in First Half, 2015

AUSTIN, TX — July 24, 2015 — Zenoss Inc., the leading provider of unified IT monitoring and service analytics for virtual, physical and cloud-based IT infrastructures, today reports company and product highlights for the second quarter and first half of the year ending June 30, 2015.

"Our enterprise customers run their businesses on the world’s most complex global data centers. Solving for downtime, identifying slow time, and monitoring infrastructure are table stakes at this point," said Greg Stock, Chairman and CEO. "In May, over 300 IT professionals were in attendance at our inaugural user conference, and their message to us was clear, ‘keep innovating to power the Intelligent Data Center at scale.’ That’s exactly what we plan to do."

First Half 2015 Company Highlights:

  • Launched Zenoss Service Dynamics 5 to leverage state-of-the-art technologies including Docker, within the Zenoss Control Center, and Apache HBase within Big Data Hadoop to deliver high-fidelity monitoring at scale that gives IT operations a unified, service-centric view of application infrastructure and the intelligence required to quickly and cost-effectively avoid service disruptions
  • Named in Forbes article as one of the best cloud computing companies and CEOs to work for in 2015
  • Added Taylor Rhodes, President and CEO of Rackspace (NYSE: RAX), to board of directors
  • Accelerated staff growth by 40% over first half 2014

Second Quarter 2015 Company Highlights:

  • 165% year-over-year growth in total sales
  • 97% customer retention rate
  • Most new customers added in a quarter
  • Signed new channel partners including Data3, Technologent, Epcom, Epic, Kovarus, Impex, Novipro, InnovaSys, HPM to Zenoss Partner Network
  • Hosted over 300 global customers at the inaugural user conference, GalaxZ 15, in Austin, TX
  • Presented Excellence in IT Operations awards to organizations including BBC, Orbitz, PNC Financial Group, Rackspace and NetApp
  • Added Bill Bock, President and Board Director at Silicon Labs to Board of Directors
  • Continued recognition of Zenoss by leading media including Business Insider, Cloud Times, Channelnomics, Examiner, eWeek, CRN and more

Second Quarter 2015 Product Highlights:

  • ZenPacks continue to be a key differentiator giving customers the ability to further unify the monitoring of their application infrastructures. New and updated ZenPacks include:
    • ZenPack Library (zenpacklib) which utilizes declarative YAML to simplify ZenPack development while increasing quality and consistency. Developers may download zenpacklib for free.
    • OpenStack Infrastructure, adds support for OpenStack Neutron networking infrastructures, and Open vSwitch provides support for this open virtual switching technology in OpenStack and other virtualization environments.
    • VMware NSX for vSphere and OpenStack environments, bringing software-defined operations to these highly virtualized infrastructures.
    • Cisco UCS Central and UCS Director extend Zenoss’ support for Cisco UCS environments to these two key management applications as well as VXLAN.
    • Cisco UCS Central provides UCS administrators managing multiple domains with a view of the domains, domain groups, and service profile templates managed by UCS Central, and tracks the assignment of global and local service profiles, as well as global faults.
    • Cisco UCS Director models the tenants, virtual data centers, and virtual machines managed by UCS Director, and the relationships between them. Together with Zenoss Service Impact, these ZenPacks provide UCS administrators with a comprehensive view of the operations and status of large-scale Cisco UCS environments, as well as an understanding of how problems in the UCS infrastructure can affect the virtualized services that infrastructure supports.
    • Cisco Devices with VXLAN provides a model of VXLAN tunnel endpoints and segments in order to map the logical topology of Layer 2 connectivity between virtual machines across the transport IP network, and to see the impact of failures in the network on the endpoint devices.

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Zenoss is a leading provider of unified IT monitoring and analytics software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Over 35,000 organizations worldwide have deployed Zenoss to manage their networks, servers, virtual devices, storage, and cloud infrastructure, gaining visibility and control of their IT operations.

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