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Zenoss Releases Version 1.0 of Core Product

Annapolis , MD - November 15, 2006 - Zenoss, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise network and systems monitoring software, today announced the availability of Zenoss Core version 1.0. Zenoss Core is an integrated IT monitoring product that allows IT administrators to manage the status and health of their entire infrastructures through a single web-based console. As a free, open source software product, Zenoss provides organizations world-wide with a new alternative for enterprise-grade IT monitoring that is substantially less expensive and easier to deploy than traditional solutions.


"Zenoss Core has been downloaded more than 50,000 times in the last 120 days; many organizations rely on the product every day to monitor their mission critical IT infrastructure," said Bill Karpovich, CEO and Co-Founder of Zenoss, Inc. "The solution has already been proven in demanding environments and today we're launching it for mainstream adoption."

Zenoss is focused on helping medium-sized organizations more effectively manage their rapidly growing IT infrastructures. Zenoss Core provides these organizations with the rich, integrated functionality previously available only through proprietary solutions that were too expensive and complex.

"Systems Management 2.0 companies, like Zenoss, are lowering the barriers to entry for systems management," said RedMonk analyst Michael Cote. "These companies and projects are typically characterized by open source development and an overall, positive simplification of the systems management space especially for the mid-market."

"We looked at several alternatives-including the large enterprise suites-and narrowed the selection down to BMC and Zenoss," said Jim Stalder, CIO of Mercy Medical Services in Baltimore, MD.  "Zenoss was the best choice in terms of ease-of-deployment and price.  With Zenoss, we have improved our responsiveness and availability, and we are saving 80% over the cost of a proprietary solution."

Zenoss monitors the entire infrastructure including network devices, server hardware, operating systems, applications, software versions, and environmental controls. Zenoss Core 1.0 builds significant advancements in scalability, a richer user interface, and a high level of stability on top of the Zenoss Core features. The key features of Zenoss include:

  • Cross-Layer Monitoring -Inventory and Configuration Model: Zenoss populates (using auto-discovery) and maintains a complete database of the IT infrastructure, including configuration details, dependencies, and logical views.
  • Availability Monitoring : End-to-end, active testing of infrastructure elements and application services, including process monitoring, simple ping tests, and more sophisticated "synthetic transactions."
  • Performance Monitoring: Zenoss tracks and graphs over time a virtually unlimited set of performance metrics across all infrastructure components. Alerts are generated when Zenoss detects breaches of end-user thresholds.
  • Event Management : Zenoss collects events and alarms from throughout the infrastructure into a central repository where they are correlated, prioritized, and archived for historical analysis. Rules are configured by end users to generate pages and/or emails as matching conditions are discovered.

Zenoss 1.0 also includes many new features that augment the Zenoss Core modules.

  • Remote Management: Securely manage remote servers through the use of Zen Plug-ins.
  • Sophisticated Alerting: Version 1.0 offers a complex alerting faculty that enables alerts to be sent to pagers or email and can even adhere to an "on call" schedule.
  • Automated Update Checking: A new automatic software update feature makes it easy to keep up with the latest Zenoss Core security and feature updates.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Support: Zenoss Core 1.0 is officially supported on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 and has received Red Hat Ready Certification. In addition, Zenoss has committed to support future versions of the commercial Linux operating system.

Zenoss Core 1.0 is available for download at https://www.zenoss.com/download/

About Zenoss, Inc.

Recently named one of the "Top 10 Open Source Companies to Watch" by Network World, Zenoss is an open source network and systems management software company based in Annapolis, MD. Zenoss provides the most complete open source monitoring platform as a lower cost and easier-to-deploy alternative to traditional proprietary solutions. For more information, please visit www.zenoss.com