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Zenoss Partners with LINA Software to Deliver Open Source Monitoring for Microsoft Windows

Austin, TX - January 21, 2009 - The Zenoss Core project, a leading open source IT monitoring and management solution today announced the general availability of Zenoss Core version 2.5.1  under the GNU General Public License (V2) is now available as a free and open source solution for the Microsoft Windows operating system. This latest release of the open source monitoring and systems management project enables users to run applications compiled for Linux under Windows with a native look and feel using the beta version of the LINA runtime environment developed by Lina Software.  Zenoss Core users can deploy Zenoss as an application in Microsoft Windows using LINA, a lightweight runtime environment that enables developers to write and compile code using free Open Source Linux tools. Zenoss and LINA are currently looking for people to download, test and use the LINA installer for Zenoss so that it can continue to be optimized for Windows monitoring. The Zenoss Core for Windows installer can be downloaded from the LINA website at: http://openlina.com/popups/popup-user-apps.html.

This installer works on any operating system where the LINA runtime environment has been installed. The runtime environment may be downloaded at: http://openlina.com/popups/popup-lina.html.

Monitoring Microsoft Windows with Zenoss

Beyond installing on Microsoft Windows, Zenoss Core is well-suited to monitor Microsoft operating systems and applications. The following community-developed plugins (referred to as ZenPacks) have been developed to provide deep monitoring of Microsoft technologies.

  • Windows SNMP Monitors - This ZenPack allows you to monitor performance data (CPU and Memory) of Windows hosts running the standard SNMP Service with no additional software installed on the guest operating systems - Developed by Ryan Matte
  • Microsoft SQL ODBC Database Monitor - ODBC monitoring of Microsoft SQL databases- Egor Puzanov
  • Windows Exchange Monitoring - Provides graphs for the Exchange User Statistics, Exchange SNMP Queues, Exchange Mailbox Queues, Exchange Public Queues, RPC Averaged Latency, Address List Queue, Email Delivery Rate and Email Delivery Time once it is bound and monitoring.- Developed by Johan Keskitalo and Andreas Falk
  • Windows IIS Performance Monitoring - This WMI-based ZenPack creates a new performance template for monitoring IIS6 performance via a WMI Data Source - Developed by Egor Puzanov
  • Microsoft Virtual Server Monitoring -This ZenPack is for monitoring a Virtual Machine and a Virtual Network within Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. -  by Trevor Seward
  • Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) SQL Server Monitoring - This WMI-based ZenPacks provides a WMIPerfMSSQL template for monitoring Microsoft SQL Server. Developed by Richard Esteve

All Zenoss Microsoft monitoring ZenPacks can be found in the Zenoss ZenPack Library.

Collaborate with other Microsoft Management Professionals

The Zenoss Community features a Windows monitoring forum to discuss issues related to monitoring Microsoft Windows.

Supporting Quotes

"Software developers should be focused on developing features not porting applications to other platforms," says Saill White, VP of Product Development for Lina Software,"It's gratifying to take a leading enterprise IT management application like Zenoss Core and enabling it for use on other platforms so that the core development can focus on expanding its functionality and not waste precious development cycles on operating system compatibility."

"Our goal is to provide a high quality management tool to all IT professionals whether they need to monitor Unix, Linux or Microsoft Windows." said Mark Hinkle, VP of Community for Zenoss,"By partnering with LinaSoftware we can now offer a solution that totally removes any learning curve for Microsoft professionals who choose to install and deploy Zenoss Core."

About Zenoss Core

Zenoss Core is the award winning open source network monitoring and systems management project that delivers the functionality to effectively manage the configuration, health and performance of networks, servers and applications through a single, integrated software package. The Zenoss Community is comprised of over 75,000 active members who are instrumental in evolving the solution as well as providing timely support and help for all questions. One of the most active projects on SourceForge, Zenoss Core has been downloaded over one million times and is being used by companies in over 180 countries. For more information on Zenoss Core, visit http://community.zenoss.org.

About Zenoss Inc.

Zenoss is a leading commercial open source provider of Unlegacy IT enterprise management products. Zenoss Enterprise is a single model-based product that enables organizations to seamlessly manage physical, virtual and cloud based infrastructure with unprecedented power, agility and value. Leveraging a commercial open source model, Zenoss products monitor over one million network and server devices daily and are used in over 25,000 organizations in 180 countries around the world. Commercial customers include leading companies such as Rackspace, VMware, WebMD, LinkedIn, Tyco Electronics, Carlson, Motorola and Deutsche Bank. To learn more about Zenoss' award-winning IT operations management software, visit https://www.zenoss.com.

About Lina Software

Lina Software brings Linux applications to more users through innovative software solutions and technologies. LINA is currently the main focus of the company's engineering efforts. Lina Software is headquartered in Alameda, California. LINA is a registered trademark of dLoo, a California corporation.