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Zenoss Names Open Source Luminary as Chairman of the Board

Annapolis, MD (January 16, 2007) - Zenoss Inc., a leading open source Network and Systems Monitoring software vendor, announced today that Andre M Boisvert has been elected Chairman of the Board. The appointment of Mr. Boisvert will position Zenoss for continued growth in the open source Network and Systems Monitoring space and its planned expansion into other sectors of systems management.


Bill Karpovich, Zenoss' CEO and co-founder, said "We are excited to have someone of Andre's extensive enterprise experience and open source expertise join our team. Andre has a proven track record with assisting companies to successfully leverage the open source business model".

Boisvert began his technology career in 1976 when he joined IBM. During his 13 years at IBM, Boisvert held senior management positions in sales, marketing and R&D. After IBM, Boisvert held executive positions in some of the best respected software companies in the industry, such as Oracle Corporation, where he was Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and a member of Oracle's Management committee, and SAS Institute Inc., the largest privately held software company in the world, where he served as President & Chief Operating Officer.

Boisvert has extensive Open Source experience. In 2002, Boisvert joined the board of directors of VA Software (NASDAQ: LNUX), the owners of SourceForge.net, the largest Open Source development site on the Internet, which enjoys more than 30 million unique visitors each month and hosts more than 135,000, registered Open Source projects. In 2004, Boisvert co-founded the world's first Open Source, end-to-end Business Intelligence Company, Pentaho Corporation. In 2005, Boisvert joined the board of Palamida Corporation, a provider of intellectual property management & compliance products for the Open Source Software market place. In May 2006, Boisvert became the Chairman of Compiere Inc, the world's leading Open Source ERP application suite.

Boisvert stated, "I am so convinced that Open Source is the right business model for the next generation of Network and Systems Monitoring Applications to leverage, that I have liquidated my remaining equity position in proprietary systems management software maker BMC (NASDAQ:BMC) and have invested the proceeds in Zenoss Inc. I look forward to working with the Zenoss team in the delivery of the next generation of network and systems monitoring software and beyond".

About Zenoss, Inc.

Recently named one of the "Top 10 Open Source Companies to Watch" by Network World, Zenoss is an open source network and systems management software company based in Annapolis, MD. Zenoss provides the most complete open source monitoring platform as a lower cost and easier-to-deploy alternative to traditional proprietary solutions. For more information, please visit www.zenoss.com .