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Zenoss Extends Unified Monitoring Capabilities With Updated Oracle ZenPack

AUSTIN, TX—January 16, 2014 – Zenoss Inc., the leading provider of unified IT monitoring and management solutions for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT, today announced an updated ZenPack for Oracle Database. Through its modular design for the Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) environment, this ZenPack enables the identification and monitoring of all database instances even if they are in a cluster. Moreover, its deep integration with Oracle’s onboard instrumentation allows it to analyze metrics at the TableSpace level.

Successfully operating modern databases and applications is becoming increasingly complex. The modern data center is no longer static and under a single roof – it is virtual, elastic, and highly distributed. With this more sophisticated and complex approach it is essential for IT operations teams to have a unified view of the infrastructure that their databases and applications depend on for reliable delivery. Without this unified approach, IT loses the visibility and control they need to ensure the performance and availability of critical services to their business users.

“Fragmented management tools just don’t work with the modern data center,” said Alan Conley, CTO of Zenoss. “With dynamic infrastructure comprised of a mix of legacy, virtual and cloud based components, you need unified management tools that are flexible and extensible. This ZenPack will bring immediate value to enterprise customers that use Oracle Database or applications that leverage it.”

The updated ZenPack for Oracle databases:

  1. Identifies and monitors all Oracle database instances even if in clusters
  2. Measures numerous new KPIs including Cache Hit Ratio, PGA memory, Disk Allocation etc.
  3. Enables granular monitoring with TableSpace support
  4. Provides better usability through updated thresholds and graphs
  5. Simplifies installation through automated migration from older versions

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Zenoss is a leading provider of unified IT monitoring and management software for physical, virtual, and cloud-based IT infrastructures. Over 35,000 organizations worldwide have deployed Zenoss to manage their networks, servers, virtual devices, storage, and cloud infrastructure, gaining visibility and control of their IT operations.

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